Indigenous passed since the UN Declaration on Rights

people all round the world are facing serious problems and misunderstandings.
Those people in Singapore are called Malays, there are more than 600,000 Malays
in Singapore and nearly all of them are treated badly. Most schools teach
English, Mandarin and other languages but none of them teach in Malay which
means that this language is not promoted nor protected as English and other
languages. Also, Malays are treated differently: they live in worse paces, they
have less medicine and even money. Malays have to pay more than usual people
just to study which is unfair. The hospitals also, does not pay that much
attention to their health so year by year the death rate of Malays have
increased which is a big problem to our world. Some countries also avoid talking
about the health and other life problems concerning indigenous people by saying
that they do not define any of those people in their country and borders as


people lived on rich lands with good resources until they became polluted by
governments or private companies, many of them have been taken out from their
own lands. They also face lots of violence and even murder when they actually
want to defend their land or communities. 50 percent of indigenous people live
in cities. Over years they have moved from their land to urban areas. Because
they have been cut off from their resources and traditions to their survival
many of them are not fully able to enjoy their life and human rights. Because
of that they face lots of problems like marginalization, poverty, disease and
lots of violence.

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Nine years
have passed since the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous people and was
adopted by General Assembly. After that, other four countries (Australia, Canada,
New Zealand and the United States) who were against started voting for “Rights of
indigenous people” and started to support Declaration. Till today it is still
comprehensive international instrument on rights of indigenous people. It
supports the health, land, food, other supplements and all other importance for
them which helps a lot to the world. Once Wu Hongbo (UN DESA’s Under Secretary
General) said that “We must make sure
indigenous peoples’ rights and priorities are reflected in the implementation
of the new agenda,” which
means that their rights and priorities must be taken into consideration
also the United Nations including the Permanent Forum
on Indigenous Issues  shall promote
respect for and full application of the provisions of this Declaration and
follow up the effectiveness of this Declaration.


We can
make their life better by focusing on their needs because they can’t choose
their own life, so we need to help them with education, health and control
their land to make them have better life.” We can build public awareness: So that people will know the issues and
challenges of indigenous people and might be willing to help them.We
need to make people understand that indigenous people are not harmful for our
world actually they can make a better change.