In train, equip and reward them to lead

In an organizational change, leaders
need to be preparing to lead a change, understand the process and nature of change,
and provide the essential gear so that those involved can be successful. One mindset
about change is consider whether it is arranged, developing or unconstrained. (Iles, V., 2017. Leading and managing change.). Leaders needs take
precautions before taking changes in an organization. They need to analyze the
change and its needs. Leaders can consider what resources the organization has
to deliver before the change. Before delivering a change, leaders should analyze
the current situation of the organization, and what will be the future
situation. They should see the gap between current and future situation. They
can figure out key issues and obstacles and should plan them to overcome. On
creating change leaders, organizations should train, equip and reward them to
lead and manage the change of their level to see it through its conclusion. One
of another precaution measures is to take small face to face meeting with the
stakeholders to get the feedbacks and to get the commitment. Leaders should
keep referencing to the vision, keep in the vision alive and keep spelling out
the benefits of the change and project manage the different elements of change
management process. Another thing is that leaders need to create a burning
platform, they should spell out the fact and figures that are causing them to
have concern about the future. They should talk about the level of pain or gain
that requires to be addressed in order to get people’s attention. In order to make
a successful organization it should become the part of the culture and should
manage and lead to future by responsible peoples. So, it can reward the success
of people in the new future of the new norm. By using those steps and
precautions measures leaders will not only able to think through and plan and
communicate and deliver the change that they require but will also do it with
the willing followership of those involved in the change and therefore it will
be a simpler and easier process to implement.