In people in there which is an exiled

In present day Paris, Diana finds herself lonely and want to
prove her mother wrong that moment where her mother told her that if she left
the island she can’t come back again. She prepares herself for the long journey
ahead saying her farewells to her close friends and especially to Steve Trevor
who died in saving a bunch of people in the cold war. She then started to sail
of in Paris but it didn’t go smooth as she planned.

clouds started to go dark and the winds is so strong that her boat can’t handle
it crashing into a mysterious island finding some people in there which is an
exiled Amazonians. She tried to talk to them but it seems that talking won’t
change their mind and fight her way to get out of the island. But the fighting
doesn’t stop there, Ares came back to the dead and they continued their fight
in that island. After days of fighting, the fight finally ended and Diana is
stuck in that island with no idea how to get back to her homeland.

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being stuck in an island, someone named Peter finally found her and went back
to Paris. Going back to Paris, the place has already been destroyed due to the
experiments of Isabel which is her Mustard Gas that wiped out almost all of the
people in the Paris. With the help of Peter, they tried to stop Isabel from
ruling the Paris by locating her and ending her life. But that didn’t come easy
with Isabel gaining some allies and having an army. Being outnumbered she then
called of some of her Amazonian friends who was alive after the battle on the
island. They then attacked the headquarters of Isabel but was not in there.
With Isabel discovering that she is an Amazonian, she then went to find Diana
homeland and plans to Gas its homeland. Diana located Isabel and she
infiltrated her secret base and found out some of Isabel’s plan which is to
attack her homeland. She then went to her homeland with Peter.

Diana’s journey to her homeland, she met some of Isabel army and fight their
way through it and after days of fighting she is now in her homeland which is a
little quiet and unusual. She then went to her mom finding out that she is held
captive my Isabel and her army. Shen then infiltrated the base of operations of
Isabel in her homeland with anger releasing her secret powers but Isabel is
already finished with her work and released the gas the minute Diana saw her.
Diana then knocked out Isabel and then she tried to stop the poison from
killing everyone using Isabel’s antidote which she made in case if things
didn’t work out. With the antidote, everyone was safe and they started
celebrating with Diana hugging her mom but a moment later, Isabel woke up and
grabs her gun shooting Diana’s mother in the heart. Diana rushes and killed
Isabel with her sword with anger and then Diana rushes back to her mother
talking to her and saying her last words “There is more in you”.