In not bump into a word that they

In addition to his arguments, the language also
helps with delivering the message correctly and successfully. The language of
the text is simple, despite his use of Spanish words. Although he explains the
meaning of the words and points out that they are names of creatures from
Mexican folklore, as we see here, ¨ “There is “La Llorona,” who is said to moan for her dead children. And more
recently, the Chupacabra, which sucks the blood from farm animals and maybe a
boy or a girl if he or she doesn’t behave.”1.

He explains this because he wants the average American to understand his
message, and not bump into a word that they would not understand normally.

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Additionally, he also uses metaphors to create
both understanding and humor. He is described as a “villain in a flaccid
which is a humorous way of calling him evil and pointing out his unique
hairstyle. A metaphor that creates understanding could be this, “rhetorical
which suggests that his rhetoric and his words are offensive and dangerous like
a dagger.

Furthermore, he also uses a significant symbol
throughout the article. The piñata, which is a traditional Mexican figure
filled with candy, that is used for children’s parties and gatherings. The idea
of it is for children to hit it until the candy comes out. At the end of the
article, Trump is indirectly called a monster, and the author says, ¨ But in the end, fear not,
niños. Monsters are really just myth. And you can always make one into a
piñata, and beat it until its paper shell breaks and candy falls out.¨4
Here he tells the children that they can turn him into a piñata and beat him
up, because his words do not mean anything, and he will never hurt them anyway.


Lastly, his message is clear; he does not like
Trump, and he does not think that he will come through with all of his promises
and threats. He uses a lot of humor in his article, and this makes it more
interesting, but it could also make it seem less serious, and more of a satire
post that has the main purpose of disturbing Trump’s messages and remarks. It
could also be seen as a propaganda post, as it was released under the
presidential election campaign, and it resembles hate for one candidate, while
it could be showing indirect support for the main Democratic candidate, Hillary

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