In My Country There Are Many Cultures Religion Essay

In my state there are many people of different civilizations. They are populating abreast. They are working together ; they are analyzing together. Some people are seeking to demo their regard to a representative of another civilization and another state. Some people, and it is truly pity, are intolerant. Certain, that there are a batch of different grounds why certain individual does non like aliens and why he or she are intolerant ; but I personally think that the chief ground is the deficiency of information and cognition about a civilization of a alien. I believe that it is of import to acquire trusty information about another civilization from the dependable beginning. It will assist different people to understand each other, to go more tolerant and to populate in peace. It is of import today more that of all time because we humanity is populating in the age of globalisation. Our planet – our “ little blue house ” – is non a immense Earth any more. It became a sort of a little town ; in this “ town ” it is easy to come and see neighbours organize another side.

So, I decided to acquire a little more information about my “ neighbours ” . I decided to take a civilization that is really different from my ain 1. On my sentiment, one the most happy events in a individual ‘s life is marrying. That is why I choose this event and get down my geographic expedition. I got some information about the manner in which American Indians making their nuptialss. I got a batch of interesting information signifier different beginnings and besides organize some my American Indian friends. In this undertaking I will portion this information.

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Here are some thesis and inquiries that I want to advert in my paper:

aˆ? What did I expect to see before go toing a nuptials?

aˆ? What did I see in existent life and how it differed signifier they manner I imagined ;

aˆ? Was the civilization represented a high or low context civilization?

aˆ? Were at that place many non-verbal interactions that I did non understand?

aˆ? Did I get a sense of clip orientation from this event? Would you specify this civilization as monochromic or polychromic?

aˆ? Did I struggle with issues affecting linguistic communication? Could you understand the linguistic communication, and if non, how did that impact my apprehension of the event?

aˆ? Did you sense any ethnocentrism from this group toward another or towards you?

aˆ? Did I encounter any racism or bias? Did you see different gender functions?

See your ain cultural position

aˆ? What are your ain cultural lenses through which I view this scene?

aˆ? How does ain cultural position affect my position of this other civilization?

Sum uping of my experience

aˆ? How did this event alteration my positions or corroborate your perceptual experiences of this group?

aˆ? How does the media portray this cultural group in comparing to your experience?

aˆ? How make I experience about the overall experience and what have you learned about intercultural communications from my engagement?

As we all know, American Indians are the native population of America. They were given this name because of the error that Christopher Columbus made. He was believing that he found India and all people he saw populating on those land he started naming Indians. At the beginning of the 21-st century, there were over 60 1000000s of American Indians at the district of the North America that are following their ancient traditions ; but if count all American Indians in common, ( including those of them who lost their rank of a folk ) , there are around 15 1000000s of Indians are populating at the district of America now. Furthermore, there are around one 1000 of Indian folk exists. Many of them retrieve their traditions and faith and follow them.

All Indians ‘ traditions have an antediluvian long history and I would wish to populate the history for another undertaking.

I can merely state that following all their traditions is still really of import for any of American Indian folk. Marrying traditions have a legal cogency. We can compare them to an ordinary European or American nuptials ceremonial. Some of them are go oning in a church newborn household have to supply a documental grounds of their brotherhood.

Indian traditions have the power of a papers. Harmonizing to Indians ‘ sanctum Bibles, if a immature lady was taken by force without a traditional ceremonial ( incorporating faith ‘s rite ) she is sing to be a single and another adult male can still get married her in the official manner ( harmonizing to Viromitrodahia II, page 860 ) .

There are two different ways of the ceremonial: gnakharva is necessary if a adult male and a adult female used to populate together before the official ceremonial of nuptials ; manuh is executing if a bride is virgin. We can see that marrying traditions and jurisprudence of Indians have something in common with American and European jurisprudence. Even if brides have been populating together, they need to execute an official ceremonial. It is of import because it helps to avoid a dirt and moreover, it was of import for kids to be born in a legal marriage.

First of wholly, a groom expected to have the permission from the household of the adult female he want to take as a married woman. It is the most of import portion. Often it is even of import to roll up permission from a priest. In many communities it is common to interchange with gifts, fabrics, stock and nutrient between two households that are traveling to pour together. This tradition is a symbol of fall ining and friendly relationship. We see that this tradition looks alike with some European traditions that common to us.

As I mentioned supra, there are seven of import stairss clockwise around a frightened life. First root is taken by a groom, after he stops and declaim a vow. After a bride is following suit. The ritual is enduring before they finish all those seven stairss and do them complete. Sometimes a groom and a bride giving each other a little gift. Those gifts are a symbol of their love and life that they are traveling to portion. They can give each other for illustration, ears of maize, rocks and so on. The maize is a symbol of birthrate ; other nowadayss are symbols of trueness. The rock is a symbol of strength. After invitees are keeping their custodies and doing a circle around a fire.

Before go toing the traditional nuptials ceremonial, I knew small about the manner it is traveling. Sometimes I watched it by Television and the brightest recollection was about something colourful and unusual. Harmonizing to my point of position, American Indians pay more attending to God and faith than new Americans and European people do. Some white people in every state still can pass all their life together without executing official ceremonial of nuptials ; but for American Indians the ceremonial is of import if they are populating together as a household or if they do non.

The ceremonial of marrying consists of seven stairss.

The nuptials I was go toing was between adult male and adult female that did non populate together earlier. Honestly, I was expected something more bright, with a batch of dances and traditions. I was expected more national vocals and praying.

Peoples at the nuptials were talking their national linguistic communication. I did non understand the linguistic communication but it was non a job for me. All symbols and actions were clear and even if I did non understand a word, I still was basking the public presentation. It is true that nowadays American Indians are losing their traditions. Even if they are maintaining the tradition, modern life does non let to execute it in the aboriginal manner. Many of American Indians are non populating at the district of their folk ; it makes all their national traditions hard to be maintaining in the absolutely right manner. Anyway they are seeking to retrieve their beginnings.

American Indians like to accept invitees on their nuptialss ( and non merely nuptialss ; they are volitionally sharing their civilization with everybody who wants to go to an event ) .

I was about one of the most honest invitee at that place. They were non demoing any racism or any intolerance. I felt myself every comfy among them like I have been passing all my unrecorded inside the community of these friendly people.

It is difficult to state decidedly if their civilization represent high or low context. At the first sight, it seems to be a low context. Their beliefs are crude for modern people. They believe in forces of nature – everything is a populating individual for them: a rain, a air current, a Sun, a Moon. A modern individual barely believe it that is why commonly faith of American Indians is crude ; but if we can retrieve some civilisations ( like for illustration Maya civilisation ) we can see that they were sometimes more cagey and farseeing than modern people. American Indians understand symbolic significances of things and events. They like to go to the order of life. They believe that adult male is like a God – he is the caput of a household, the caput of a folk and he is responsible for much more thing than adult female is.

After sing this national nuptials, I had many things to believe about. It is good to rest sometimes from the modern beat of life and slows you. Cultural events, like this nuptials I attended, aid to enrich your mentality and be more patient and tolerant to people you are seeing around you.

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