Immigration power and wealth from their labor. From

Immigration has had a huge impact on the world we live in today.  Throughout this essay I will talk about the four main waves of US. immigration, a wave represents a time period of US. immigration. Without immigration we wouldn’t have the same country that we have today, immigration played a big role in the American story.  Before even the first wave of immigration there people who live in America.Many people came to America before 1790 (which was the first wave). The first people in America were native Americans, they were there before anyone else sailed there. Then soon after the native Americans came, the vikings came and lived with the native Americans. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to America in an attempt to get to China and India, but accidently sailed to America.  Eventually Christopher Columbus and his men were met by native Americans but Christopher Columbus and his men had weapons that outmatched the native Americans so Christopher Columbus took the native Americans captive and used them as slaves.  This new land being discovered started to bring immigrants over to America.The first wave of American immigration was from 1790 to 1820. 1790 through 1820 America getting a higher population because people were coming from their homeland for religious freedom and to get land, people also came for opportunities.  The population was rising so fast not just because of immigrants but also because people were making kids, they were doing this to have more hands for the farming business.  The population just kept growing, but the native american population was shrinking rapidly.  The native Americans were dying because of diseases that the people from “the old world” had brought with them. Native Americans were also being sent across the ocean as slaves.The Immigration population was booming in the second wave, form 1820-1880.  The Irish, Asian, European and Chinese were coming to America. They were coming for many reasons, one being the gold rush, another reason people were coming to america was because of famine in their land. When immigrants first came to america they were welcomed and accepted, this happened because america’s economy was strong but as soon as america’s economy was failing the immigrants were blamed and accused of stealing Americans jobs.  Groups such as the “Know Nothings” were against immigration and supported the racist accusation against the immigrants.  Then in 1864 the Republican platform said that immigration should be encouraged because they had increased power and wealth from their labor.  From the time period of 1830 to 1880 there was about 15.3 million immigrants in America. In 1830 there was only 13 million people in America, and by 1880 there was 63 million.During the third wave which was from the years 1880-1930, opinions on immigration were going back and forth from people supporting it to people being against it.  In 1880 there were a lot of immigrants coming to America, immigration was at a high point. Immigrants would come to America and they would have to do tests at Ellis Island to be able stay in America.  Once immigrants arrived at Ellis island, officers would watch them and if they saw anything suspicious (like an immigrant rubbing their eye) then the immigrant would have to be tested to see if they had a disease. If an immigrant was thought to have a disease then they would be sent to the hospital that was at Ellis island, once the immigrants there diseases were treated they could enter into america and live there.  Only two percent of the 15 million people were turned away and sent back to their homeland, that’s not including immigrants who were sent to the hospitals.  In 1897 Ellis island burned to the ground, and it would cost 1.5 million dollars to rebuild it. Immigrants helped rebuild this. Officers at Ellis island would watch the immigrants for crazy eye to see if they were psychologically good, if the officer suspected anything they would mark them with chalk. Different letters would symbolize different issues.  Two out of every ten immigrants had to be double checked, immigrants would be standing in line and then an officer would take their child to double check them and make sure there was nothing wrong. This caused families to be separated, if a child was sent back to their homeland then a guardian would have to go back with the could to make sure they weren’t alone.  35 hundred people died in the hospital and 14 hundred of them were children.  If an immigrant was kept, they had to prove they were in there right mind by taking tests, they could take the test three times but if they failed all of the tests they would be sent back to their homeland.  Nine out of every hundred immigrants had to be kept for mental inspection. In 1914 World War One happened, this put restrictions on immigration and immigration was stopped. Immigrants who were already in America were not deported. After WW1 immigration started to uprise again, but the tests and restrictions were much worse.   But unfortunately in 1920 “americans” only let certain races from certain places in, like the Chinese were severely restricted, only a small amount of Chinese immigrants were allowed in America each year.  In 1924 the kkk and other racist groups were starting to form. Acts kept being passed that stopped more immigrants from coming to America, such as the Quote act 1929.  In 1924 Immigrants had to have a vesa to be able to get on boats to go to America, and because of the vesa’s there was no reason for Ellis island, the gate of immigration was almost closed.  When the great depression happened in 1930, immigrants did not want to come to America and risk everything they had and maybe worse off here.  During the depression America was no longer a place of hope, more people wanted to leave America then wanted to come in.The fourth wave of immigration which was from 1965-2000’s, changed America greatly.  The number of Asian immigrants that were coming to America nearly quadrupled because refugees were fleeing their country to escape the war and discrimination, Cubans had a similar story to the Asians. There were people with skills that a lot of other people didn’t have, jobs such as a technician, a nurse, and a doctor, these people with these skills were able to be the first people on the a trip to America.   About 30 million immigrants came to america in four decades, mainly from Latin America, and Asia.  The immigration reform act of 1986 gave a pardon to immigrants that were convicted of political offense, over three million immigrants were pardoned, but anti immigrant opinions were starting to come back.  President Lyndon Johnson signed the immigration and naturalization act which put an end to the racist laws keeping some immigrants out of America but then favoring certain peoples such as the NorthWestern Europeans.  This law also caused the immigration limit to go up to 300,000 immigrants per year.  Illegal immigration was starting to come about, this was because they were unskilled and they would take the least paying jobs.  The immigration reform and control act wanted to give the illegal immigrants who were already in the country amnesty but stop the illegal immigrants who were trying to come in. they legalized over two million immigrants that had been illegal, but it costed up to 10,000 dollars in fines. Most people were against immigration and some groups started to form such as the minutemen. President bush tried to pass a reform but that collapsed, then congress decided to increase border security. And we are still in the fourth wave today. Immigration is a huge part of immigration, as you can see it has shaped our world today.  Immigrants have helped our economy, they have helped build many buildings, they have invented different things, I could go on and on about how immigration and immigrants have been a part of our history and the American story.  Many people believe that immigrants are not a part of  America’s history and that they are just people to use when they want them, a lot of people don’t treat immigrants like people.  I hope this essay shows how much of an impact immigration has had on America’s history, and how much immigrants have done for this country.