”I’m door way on fire. I felt a


”I’m dying…” A random
man said. A White flash blinded me from the blurry sight of the helpless man.
My head arose from the sheets I was under. Putting my hands on my face, I have
thought about the helpless man. ”Another Dream, Ty?” a man to my left said.
”Yeah” I said. I took the sheets off me and stood up. I yawned and stretched.
I slowly walked towards the metal door. I stretched by arm to the door handle.
”BOOM” I heard, a white light consumed my eyes, I could not feel anything.  A ringing sound I heard. I felt something
cold on my back, cold and hard, like metal. It seems like I was back on I was
back on earth. As the white light faded away. I smelled something burning. I
lifted by head and saw the door way on fire. I felt a tug on my back collar. I
sense myself getting dragged on “THAT’S IT SIR!” a man yelled. I looked up up
and see the door close. ”Where am I?” I asked. I grabbed a cold handle to
support myself. ”Ty, you ok?” a man asked. I did not answer. ”You should
probably change into this.” Another man said to me. I grabbed the wrapped
clothing and walked into the open area and closed the door. I was to lazy to
change, so I opened the wrapped clothing, ”Body armor…?” I said to myself. As
I grabbed the pants, My whole body gets launched to the left. The door opened,
”GET UP!” a yell from the man. I rushed to put the cloths on. I ran out and
saw a hole in the ship. ”You need this” A badly injured man said, and tossed
a upgraded weapon of some sorts. I caught it and slowly walked out. I see
flying ships trying to take each other out, Buildings on fire, people running.
I hopped down on to the scorched earth. As soon as I took a breath, ”HEY” a
man told me. ”We have to get to the other side of town.” He ordered me. I was
wondering why, But I was told to do so, so I did. I walk towards a 20 men
group. ”Oh no no.” A man said firmly. ”Your not going here, Your suppose to
be in the hover” He said louder. I turned my head and saw a black vehicle, but
it was hovering. ‘ALL IN!” The driver cried out. I walk towards the ship. Till
I heard a ”POP” that cracked through the air. Another pop cracked through the
wind. Multiple pops ripped through the air. People started to run and take
cover. I look around, people on the ground. Screaming for help. I did not know
what to do. I turned by head towards a man near a burning building, I could see
he was hit in the leg. I started to walk to his direction. I could see he
turned to me, waving his hand. I started to run towards him. Trying to save
him. I could feel ash raining down on me from the burning buildings. ”Just two
more buildings away” I said to myself. Looking down at my feet, I looked up.
Two figures were walking towards him. Dropping my weapon to take on the weight.
I ran faster, and faster. ”HEY…!” Waving my hands and yelling to get the
figures attention. Nothing was working. ”POP” I heard from the direction from
the injured man. The injured man was not sitting up, he was laying on the
ground. Not even moving. I stopped running, looking right at the two figures.
”No…’ I said to myself. In sadness and anger. I turned by attention to the two
figures. Clutching my fist. I started to run right at them. I did not even
think about helping the man. My focus was right on the two. They never saw me
coming. Using both arms I grabbed on two them both. Tackling both on them to
the ground. Getting on one of them, I released my anger. Swinging my fist left
to right. I never thought about stopping. Swing after swing. My face filled
with anger. I turned to the other one. I stood up and walked near it. I looked
down and saw its face.. I took a knee and took a closer look. Grabbing its
head. I started to slam its head into the ground. I never stopped. Blow after
Blow. All I felt was hatred. The figure did not even move. Not even a head
turn, Still as the dead. Looked down at my hands, bruised and bloody, thinking
to myself what I just did. I stood up, Turning my head left, then right. I look
up to the ash falling. A day to remember, I wish I would forget. I day where I
let a person die, and two die, all cause of me. I started to walk back to where
the men were stationed. Just thinking what I just did. ”Where are Th-…” I
paused, Bodies, men, people. I walk through the lifeless bodies of the soldiers.
I look over to each one. Looking how young they look. ”48, 45, 19, 20, 21, 28,
16.” I said to myself in a calm voice. Saying the ages of the dead. I walk
right in the middle of the street, a young boy I see. No dead but scared.
Scared half to death. Ash and cinder covered his body. I walk towards him, I
look down at him. He looks up. ”H-hi” he said with a scared voice. ”Hello”
I said back at him. ”Are you guys the good guys?” He said looking up at me
with a smile. ”Yes” I said firmly. ”Did you guys win?” He said with joy. I
look into his eyes. A cold dead stare I looked at him. I felt nothing… My
knees collasped on me. Falling to the ground. I could feel my knees hitting the
earth. ”I FEEL NOTHING!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. ”EVERYTHING WE DO,
IT ENDS UP BAD!” I yell again. My face down, eyes closed. I was crying. ”I
FEEL NOTHING FOR ALL!” again I yelled. I opended my eyes, facing my head up. I
yelled, yelled like I never yelled before. I did not even feel human anymore. I
felt sand rolling back, the ash lifting. Buildings falling. I look straight at
boy. ”God save us please.” he said. Hi body started to turn into sand, the
sand getting scoped by the wind. He as gone. I stood up and wiped the tears
away. ”God save us please”.