If ability of being this mature, dressed up

If a protest movement was led by a 21-year old white supermodel who drinks a can of a tasteful soda like Pepsi, then maybe everyone would become more united. At the start of 2017, a commercial presented by Pepsi featuring Kendall Jenner was release toward American soda drinkers. In the commercial, Pepsi asserts that its beverage is the common ground the nation needs to bridge the country’s differences together which conveys a certain sarcasm towards the audience. Pepsi develops this argument through the use of Jenners ethos, growth in activism and music for the movement, and the representation of diverse individuals shown in the commercial.  Pepsi begins by using Jenner’s ethos to aim for the new generation, and by using a millennial celebrity, it creates an interactive spin on young people’s ability to change the world. Jenner begins the commercial as being in the middle of a photoshoot when she happens to notice a protest making its way down the street. Pepsi used Jenner because she is a well-known figure in the fashion industry, as well as someone that millenials look up to. The commercial shows that Jenner has the ability of being this mature, dressed up lady in her glamorous life, into becoming the young woman that everyone loves and has a neutral relationship with. As well as being someone who-according to the commercial, can bring communities of diverse people together in peace and harmony. She rips off her blonde wig, wipes away her lipstick and soon joins the marchers like any other citizen. Under a pretty face is a real actual person who drinks Pepsi like everybody else in the commercial of different ethnicities. Jenner plays that role exactly to represent the face of generation. Pepsi shifts from a simple scene of the protesters walking down the street to a beaming, up-going of dancing protesters with signs reading “peace”, “love”, and “join the conversation”, to represent the growth of a community coming together. The uprising of the protest was brought by Jenners commitment to join the protest since this is Pepsi’s purpose to make the beverage one thing everyone can agree about. Pepsi is using the political marches, protests, and insurrections as a way to catch the audience attention since these events have commonly taken place over the past several years in the United States. It is also not hard to conclude Pepsi’s intended audience as being social media- savvy, celebrity engrossed millennials, who have grown up aware of political discontent and the era of Black Lives Matter. As the shifts start to occur, “Lions” by Skip Marley becomes more aggressive and bold. “We are the movement, the generation. You better know who we are, who we are,” the lifting lyrics that sing behind the protest helps promote the strength and togetherness of Pepsi. It soon becomes clear of the irony of the song chosen, since the main chorus is, “We are the generation, ” and the target of the commercial is the young generation of today’s society. Furthermore, the faces of the protesters are large in diversity by the spectrum of skin tones, varying backgrounds, and occupations that all have a huge impact on the society of activists today, as well as being what Pepsi sees as the wide variety of people that could be related to their product.  The protesters are joyous and full of energy as if they are at a party instead of a protest. The representation of a happy crowd developes offense since most marches occurred in real life have had an significant and critical impact on women, multicultural citizens, and members of LGBT community.  In contrast, the police officers are unmoving and serious. This displays the law enforcement as constantly being firm and stiff as oppositions to a gleeful crowd, which is also a critical impact considering the backlash on the law enforcement recently in society. As the commercial comes to an end, Jenner pops open a soda and hands it to a one of the riot officers which indicates heroism as she shared the can of Pepsi. This exchange countines to express the scaram that considers a way to achieve peace between the people is as simple as sharing a Pepsi soda, instead of physical and political actions. Ultimately, Pepsi prompts the commercial by effectively trying to spread a message of unity and empowerment of differences through a simple soda can. The rhetorical appeals and diversity demonstrates that Pepsi tried to bridge them all together, but instead it expressed a sarcastic and offensive message. Pepsi justified their message as Jenner being a activist and spreading diversity among a highly critical audience. Although, the platform for activism was a misinterpretation approach for Pepsi beverage to begin with.