I well versed with the concept of continuous

I need this scholarship for the expansion of the frontier of
knowledge. Also to contribute: to the growth and development of the economy of
my country, Nigeria. To compete with the best students around the world, and not
just that; getting this scholarship will not only exposed me to interesting
research opportunities, but will greatly facilitate networking amongst academic
and industrial contacts as well. And I may not be able to get this privilege by
myself, due to my financial background, but with this scholarship it will be a
dream come through.

With my little observations in my society (Nigeria), also the
world as a whole, studies on subject areas like; the understanding of earth
processes, evaluating alternative energy systems, pollution control and mitigation,
natural resource management, and the effects of global climate change, ought to
be put into consideration. Knowing environmental issues almost always include
an interaction of physical, chemical, and biological processes. I have decided
to major in studying environmental science related course wish will build me to
have a system’s approach to the analysis of environmental problems, equip me
with key elements that an effective environmental scientist should possess,
which includes the ability to relate space, and time relationships as well as
quantitative analysis. That I may have what it takes to develop long-lasting
production-processes, new high-tech materials, products in nutrition, petroleum
sector – and pharmaceutical industries and methods for controlling diseases, distribution
of functional nano- and biomaterials. Technological areas, nanomaterials:
Optoelectronics and laser technology, semiconductor technology, energy
technology (fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics), sensor technology, which are
good alternative source of energy. Developing in this area can go a long way to
solving the environmental challenges being faced by the globe. All these, I
know have big influence on the country’s business, economic, markets, science
and technology and politics.

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These skills, when harnessed, would make me a solution
candidate to the current world’s environmental challenges (not just Nigeria). And
I will have evidenced good practical skills, be literate, numerate, have high
level of IT skills and be capable of logical, scientific, critical thinking and
problem solving. I will have developed a great deal of autonomous decision
making and research capability and I will be able to evidence a range of
professional, personal transferable skills and be well versed with the concept
of continuous professional development. These skills will make me well equipped
for the workplace, be it in a chemistry environment or the wider world of work
in general, or for further research as I may so choose. Masters in any of these
programs will help me yield unprecedented molecular insights into chemical
transformations and biological processes with impact in synthesis-led
anti-cancer drug discovery, new organometallic catalysts, new functional
materials and also green technology.