Human to perform illegal acts such as drug

trafficking is one of the most alarming issues around the world and According
to the International case law research the U.S Trafficking In persons reports
stated that over 10,000 were captured, arrested & were prosecuted because
of the human trafficking cases which is taken by 150 countries as reported, the
data that has been collected by these cases were very indispensable in understanding the essential features and
extent of the problem of human trafficking. U.S Trafficking persons documented
some information about the traffickers and exploiters and some of them are very
helpful to the law enforcement agencies to fight against human trafficking. Furthermore,
there is an organization called Global centurion foundation it is one of the
popular organizations that is focus in helping the victims of human trafficking
and even convicting the traffickers in the U.S. Here in the Philippines Human
trafficking is very underrated which means it lacks attention and it is not
really prominent because the government focused on how to stop and reduce the
cases of drugs but I strongly believe that the government here in the
Philippines should also give focus and investigate more about the cases of
human trafficking because it is very hard to stop or reduce people who are
convicting trafficking and the government should think of some solution in
order to reduce or stop this nuisance because victims needs to have justice and
to be treated.

trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one
country or area to another to perform illegal acts such as drug carrying,
sexual exploitation in which they trade sexual favors to obtain any sort of
benefit for themselves they also forced labor in which they work without
receiving any payment and being treated poorly by their employers, boss or
managers. Traffickers also forcibly take out the victim’s organs to auction
them off to the highest bidder in the black market an illegal underground
practice of buying and selling items that are rare or illegal. All the victims
of human trafficking undergo all sorts of abuse which causes trauma for both
their mind and their body. Victims are being abuse among drugs or substance
that can cause an impairment that will lead to possible permanent effects to
the mind and body. But why people are victim of human trafficking? One of the
main reason why people are being victims of human trafficking is because of poverty.
Because as we all know one of the major problems here in the Philippines is
poverty. Also, there is a problem of unemployment and the lack of education
that comes with poverty are also to blame as for the main thoughts underlying
human trafficking. People who come from provinces or from the slums in hopes of
earning money fall victim to human trafficking, they take whatever promises
good money: and that is the exact plan of people behind human trafficking, while
victims of human trafficking have good expectations, the people behind human
trafficking don’t. The morbid reason for human trafficking goes as far back
into the early 18th centuries in the slave trade. Selling slaves
people as livestock to be at someone else’s disposal whether it is to make them
work without pay for high prices. These cannot be controlled by the victims
themselves as they can’t know what to do in their situation. All reason is
masked out by doubt and the fear of not waking up tomorrow. While the reasons
for human trafficking are truly deplorable, the effects can be quite
devastating. Depression, Post Traumatic Disorder, HIV/AIDS, Anxiety,
Insecurity, are the possible effects of human trafficking and the victims may
also suffer from physical health problems such as internal bleeding, head
injuries, fracture of the bones, organ failure, possible amputations, complete
loss of sight and those are just some sort of the possible effects of human

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is a Case of human trafficking here in the Philippines that was just published
last year ago. It happened at the Subic bay which is located in Zambales. This
a story of two young sisters who became a victim of sexual exploitation, sexual
abuse, child abuse and more. These two young sisters where rescued by the
Australian police and special forces they also helped the police to rescue the
other underage girls from the sex bars in Zambales. Michelle was underage when
she once worked the sex bar, at the age of 14 she started to live with a 38
year old Australian man named Marcos Gonzala. Michelle was devirginized at the
age of 14 by Gonzala she was also sexually abused and physically abused by Gonzala.
But later on Gonzala was arrested and charged with sexual abuse. Michelle and
her sister Marisol were sold by their mother to the foreigners at the age of
13. Like Michelle, Marisol was also Abused by an Australian foreigner which
happens to be the friend of Gonzala. But Gonzala’s friend were also arrested.
Michelle and Marisol also wanted to rescue their friends who are also underage
and working at the sex bar that’s why they told the Australian investigator
about it and they were helped by the police and the police and investigator
immediately respond they have a team which is also a group of foreigners for
them to be a spy while they enter the sex bar because they were planning to
raid the sex bar. The owner of the sex bar is also an Australian foreigner. The
Undercover team entered the bar to see the minors who worked their and they
also interviewed the owner and the owner said that he already had sex with a
lot of underage girls then as the night go by the minors were already stripping
and became fully naked and sat beside the owner. Then the team called the
police then they raided the sex bar. They arrested the owner and charged him
for child abuse for hiring minors and even the handlers of the bar. The owner
denied all of what he said to the team but he will be brought in manila for the
hiring in the court. Since most of the victims of human trafficking experienced
Physically and mentally abuse most of them need the treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD) and depression such as cognitive behavioral therapy in which the
therapist teaches the victim on how to cope and deal with their feelings and
problems since the victims had an anxiety, phobias, addictions and depression.
In the narrative exposure therapy, this is one of the popular therapy that is
used for people who are victims of human trafficking but what is narrative
exposure therapy? Narrative exposure therapy is a treatment for multiple
traumatized survivors of organized, sexual or domestic violence as well as war
or natural disasters. the therapist’s behavior includes compassionate
understanding, active listening, therapeutic alliance and unequivocal positive
regard. The therapist will ask the patient to describe or explain his or her
emotions, thoughts and sensory information then the therapist will ask to
narrate the patient’s traumatic experience and relive the emotions experienced
without losing connection to the present. After the treatment ends, a documented
autobiography that has been created by the therapist is presented to the
patient. There is also another therapy called eye movement desensitization and
reprocessing. However, this psychological and physical therapies have no 100%
chance that the victim will be fully recovered the suffering or the pain of the
victim will only lessen because there were no studies that has been identified
for the tested of the effectiveness of psychological interventions for
trafficked people.

However, there is a law here in the Philippines
for those people who violate or commit human trafficking. The congress of the
Philippines REPUBLIC ACT No. 10364 stated that “An act
expanding republic act no. 9208, entitled “An act to institute policies to
eliminate trafficking in persons especially women and children, establishing
the necessary institutional mechanisms for the protection and support of
trafficked persons, providing penalties for its violations and other purposes”.

 For the conclusion, Human trafficking is a serious problem
around the world and it affects millions of people worldwide, and it is also a
growing problem for developed and developing nations alike. An effective
response to human trafficking requires adequate healthcare, including mental
healthcare, be available for trafficking survivors. Psychologists play a
critical role in developing, researching, and implementing appropriate
standards of care for treating survivors. Combined efforts across disciplines,
including clinical psychology, are needed to improve the rescue care available
for the survivors.