Human Rights Day in India

This year Huma Rights Day coincided with the news like the requirement of changes in Sharia Laws, Indian President urging to remove bottlenecks for progress for child and status of Rohinya Muslims in Myanmar. There is now a plethora of questions attached to Human Rights Day, which was conceptualized way back on 1948. Indian Prime Minister Modi expressed misgivings on the transparency of working systems of UNO and unequivocally stresses the need for extending the strength of permanent members of UNSC. Therefore a reassessment of the significance United Nations Human Rights Day in general and Indian perspective, in particular, is obvious.

The year 2013 was eulogized as the completion of 20 years of the post of High Commissioner for Human Rights. Human Rights Declarations are the most translated documents after the Bible. The idea of Human Rights took its shape from the battle of Salferina in Italy and subsequently from Nazi Holocaust during world war-II. Out of 30 articles featuring UN declaration of human rights, Article 3, 5, and 9 which postulate right to life, liberty, security, right against tort, detention, cruelty and degrading treatment are the most prominent, which are violated now and then without exception to any state. In International arena, perpetration of human rights abuse is widespread.

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Abu Ghraib violation in the name of operation Iraq freedom during George Bush regime, beheading and rape by ISIS IN Turkey and Syria, USA police shooting of Afro-American Black or thrashing one Indian grandpa, who erroneously strayed into police territory, Virginity test for Indonesian women for police job, Russian abuse of Crimea’s Ukrainian citizens, life term for gays in Gambia and witch hunt against LGBT, and above all violation in Guatemala Bay are the gross violations to name a few. Added to that people’s mind has never wiped out the memory of harsh treatment meted out to LTTE or Rohingyamuslims in Myanmar. Human rights viol…