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How to clean a denture or dental prosthesis ? The denture is a removable device that replaces, at the top or bottom, all the lost teeth . Do you wear a denture ? Your dental prosthesis is in poor condition because you do not know how to clean it properly or because the products you use are not suitable? If you wish to keep your denture in good condition , so that it does not warp, is well adjusted, does not move in the mouth, which may cause injury, follow our advice!How to clean your dentureClean a dentureSpend daily on the denture a soft and gentle toothbrush with a toothpaste specially designed for this purpose.These points are important because a toothpaste for natural teeth and a brush too hard can accelerate the wear of the denture.Hold the denture firmly to prevent it from falling and breaking.Brush it up and down, forgetting no place.It is also possible to clean the denture using soaking solutions or powder or tablets previously placed in a glass that will be filled with warm water.Remember to rinse and even brush the denture before putting it back in your mouth and emptying and cleaning the glass or plastic container every day.TO KNOWCleaning the denture by soaking is less effective than brushing.The ideal is to use both cleaning techniques alternately.Very scaly dentureIf ever the denture was very scalyif it does not contain any metal parts, you could exceptionally soak it quickly in vinegar.If the denture contains metal,if you can not clean it properly , leave it with your dentist and he will use ultrasound equipment.Denture smelling badA well-maintained denture does not smell bad .But if by extraordinary it happened to you, if it contains no metal parts, you might exceptionally quickly immerse in a solution of bleach diluted in 1 part bleach to 4 parts water.Brush then rinse the denture thoroughly and quickly .TIPSIt is commercially a large sample of high performance products for clean ‘re dentures.But if by extraordinary, you will most had on hand, you could replace it with hydrogen peroxide.This cleaning must be fast and quite exceptional.Dip the dentee r in a bowl filled with warm water and oxygen (1/10)Rinse it before wearing it under running water.It will be thoroughly disinfected and whitened.Take care of your dentures -Do not wear your denturemore than eight hours a day and remove it at night-When you remove the denturePlace your denture in a liquid.Dried, the denture would suffer a deformation that would make it unusable- Have good oral hygiene So you avoid irritation, ulceration or infection. – Massage every daythe gums, the tongue, the palate and the cheeks, with the finger wet with salt water – Thoroughly clean your denture.WARNINGThe effects of smoking can affect the appearance and health of your mouth and gums and eventually cause tooth loss .