Housing program, and your child needs care to


Name of Organization: CHARITITIES HOUSING( Homesafe San Jose)

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Address: 1400 Parkmoon Avenue, Suite 190, San Jose, CA 95126

Phone Number: 408-550-8300

                    Fax: 408-550-8339

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Hours of Operation:  Mon- Fri – 9 AM- 5 PM

Cost of Service: Affordable , Monthly Rent: $$586 – $628 *

Eligibility Requirements: These Housing are available for low-income
individuals and their families. Its special requiments is if you are a survivor
of domestic violence and their children.

Contact Person of the Organization: Maria Reyes












Details about the program and

The mission of Charities
Housing is for low-income individuals and their families, it helps them to
preserve and manage high quality affordable housing.  They provide highest
quality product with an affordable price. 

Homesafe have 24 units of co-housing
for survivors of domestic violence, a

childcare facility and a resident manager’s unit. The units
are affordable to very low-income

households. In Santa Clara County, the co-housing model has
shown favorable in

giving women and their children both the privacy and the
community as they transitioning out

of an unhealthy living environment.

How the program meet the needs of the
families and children:

Housing was founded in 1993. to address the needs of Santa Clara County people

looking for affordable housing. Homesafe program provide housing options to the

such as Studios, One Bedroom Apartments, Two Bedroom Apartments, Three

Apartments, Four Bedroom Apartments, Other Housing types:
Homesafe (Rented Property in San Jose &

Santa Clara) – if you can’t afford to buy a  house then you can go with this option of
renting the house at

a very reasonable price Monthly Rent: $586 –
$628 *.





Child Care

Name of Organization: Community Child Care Council

Address: 150 River Oaks Pkwy F-1, San Jose, CA

Phone Number: (408) 487-0747 

(408) 487-0762

Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon- Fri

Cost of Service:  Fees are based upon the Child Care and
Development Family Fee

 Schedule provided by the California Department
of Education.

Requirements:  If you want to receive child
care assistance You should one or more of the following situations apply
to the family:  If you are working or are
attempting to find work. If you are in school or in a job training program, and
your child needs care to support child welfare
services and you also can get this service if your family is experiencing a

Contact Person of the Organization: Alfredo
Villasenor, Executive Director










Details about the program and

 4Cs is a non-profit, community- based agency which
offers two program . One



      The EHS (1st one) program
provides a child and family development program only for low-

income child
birth to age three and their families. This program helps your children to grow

social and physical with lots of activities. Their staff will very helpful,

they know
parents are the most important teachers for their child. That’s why they

 parent involvement in program activities and
work as partners to help children progress. This

program always
search for discovering new and exciting ways of involving the whole family in

the EHS. In
this service the simplest level of involvement is through home visit and home

 activities with child. Parents and family
members are encouraged to get involved in their child’s

during home visits, trainings, parent meetings, and policy council.


their newest
EHS program, which help the infant and toddlers. This research based curriculum

content is
based on reliable and current research in the areas of child brain development.

Program main
goal is to provide infants and toddlers from at-risk families make

gains in the
physical, social emotional, cognitive and language areas.






How the program meet the needs of the
families and child

last 39 years of service almost all of the funding is returned to the community
as payment to


care providers for services provided to low income infant, toddler, age3 and up
kids and


 their families.


           These program provides many services
like their 1st program is child care resource and


is subsidized child care programs, 3rd is child care food program,4th
is Family child


network, 5th one is Growing ,learning and caring program,6th  health and safety


7th is Child development centers and last one is trust line.


         Through these programs they are
helping families achieve self-sufficiency and stability,

every kids to achieve positive outcomes , helping parents to  build leadership skill

 and participate in community event and they
support family and their neighborhood to provide

 safe and healthy child care.









Name of Organization: work2future
youth program (EPIC)

Address:  1601 Foxworthy Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118

Phone Number: 408.794.1100, 408.794.1101

Email: [email protected]2futurefoundation.org

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Cost of Service: Nominal Charge or No fee

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants interested for EPIC
program should be more than age of 18 and less than 25 years,


low income, legally work in the US
and have few challenges like being a parent or pregnant, a


high school dropout, have been arrested
earlier for criminal offence and homeless.

Contact Person of the Organization: Monique Melchor, Director,
work2future:  408-794-1108










Details about the program and

work2future Foundation offers EPIC (Employment + Internship and Careers) programs

 provide youth less than 29 years in enhancing
career opportunities to get employment or

These innovative programs serve many young students each year in our county and

program provides Job Search Assistance, Paid Internships, Tutoring
and Skill

Upgrades, Tuition
Assistance, GED Preparation, Leadership Activities, Supportive
Services, Adult

Mentoring, Referrals
to Community Resources and Follow-up Services to young adults.


How the program meet
the needs of the families and children:

enrolment in EPIC Program, The program teaches the skills candidate require for
getting a new job. The course contains how to apply and search for work. Interviewing,
job applications, resumes and employers’ expectations are all covered in this course. Employers
looking for fresh candidates frequently come and discuss with students about
the open jobs and skills and attitudes require in gaining the job. This program
also helps connecting with internships (Paid/Unpaid) that are associated to career
goals. This provides required knowledge about the field of work that candidate
wants to pursue. This program prepares students for jobs in lodging, hotels and
warehousing. It also helps in preparation for medical assistant role. The
program helps students in searching work after training and even to enroll in
college for academic and technical classes. Some students prefer to get a job
and take college classes.


Health Care

Name of Organization: MEDI-CAL (Santa
Clara Family Health Plan)

Address: 210 E. Hacienda Avenue, Campbell,
CA  95008-6617

Phone Number: 1-888-202-3533

Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

Cost of Service: For eligible adults, there is no
premium, no co-payment and no out of pocket

cost. Children
have monthly premium of less than $13 per child upto a family max of


Eligibility Requirements:  

Medi-Cal plan Low-cost or no-cost health
care services for low-income adults, families

children,  persons with disabilities,
children in foster care as well as former foster youth up to age 26.

To be eligible for Medi-Cal, if you are a California resident,
if you have U.S. citizenship or
Permanent Resident, a member of a family whose income falls within the Medi-Cal
eligibility guidelines.  Children are eligible,
regardless of immigration status, if they are younger than 19 years old, have
family income no higher than 266% of the Federal Poverty Level. And you may
automatically be eligible for Medi-Cal if you receive cash assistance.

Contact Person of the




Details about the
program and services:

Medi-Cal is the
primarily sponsored by state for safety net health insurance program. The Medi-

Cal Managed Care
program pays for regular medical, developmental health and vision benefits

as well as Long-term
care and other supportive services for children and adults with limited

income and resources.
Santa Clara Family Health Plan’s Medi-Cal plan offers a choice of more

than 600 primary care
doctors. It has access to 6 hospitals throughout Santa Clara County with

an over 2,800
specialists. Prescriptions are available at most national chains and at

pharmacies in Santa
Clara County. This Facility provides 24-hour nurse advice line with free

interpreter services.


How the program meet
the needs of the families and children:

The Medi-Cal program ‘s member can get so many benefits
through this service, such as Doctor visits, Preventive care and immunizations,
Prescriptions, Hospital stay, Emergency services, including ambulance, Family
planning, OB/GYN services and pregnancy care, Lab and x-ray services, Health
education, Vision care (some restrictions apply), Dental care (available
through Denti-Cal), Behavioral health services (mental health and substance
abuse), Transportation to medical appointments and Long-term services and
supports (LTSS), including long-term care, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS),
Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS), and Multipurpose Senior Services Program



of Organization: San Jose
Medical Plaza WIC

Address: 725 E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA – 95112

Phone Number: 408-792-5101

Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Cost of Service: No cost

Eligibility Requirements: WIC assists women, infants and children less than 5
years old. Applicants are required to meet income criteria,
proof of state residency and be considered as a “nutritional risk.”

Person of the Organization: Karen L.
Smith, MD, MPH













Details about the program and services:

program is a free nutrition program that helps expecting mother, women with
infants, and

children eat well, be active, and stay healthy. In this program they give dietary

classes and also recommendations to other public services.

           They also get extra funding to buy nutritious
food items such as fresh vegetables and

Dairy products like cheese, yogurt & milk, cereals, whole grains, eggs and juices.

that clients who get WIC have healthier pregnancies and healthy children.

            WIC supports low income expecting mother
and breastfeeding women and parents who

raising Infants, toddlers and children less than age of five years.


How the program meet the needs of the
families and children:

WIC program gives Individual nutrition counseling and
group Classes. Women who recently


gave birth to a child, this program support Breastfeeding
help, including a Helpline, peer


counselors and breast pumps. They also help individual
in getting health insurance and finding a


doctor or dentist for dental health classes and dental
exams. WIC always sends reminders


about immunizations and other important health information.
 They give checks to buy healthy


foods at local grocery stores and during summer
time they send checks to buy fresh fruits and


vegetables at the Farmers Market.