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Homework 1

Article Review

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Alina Lamsal

MBA 513- Organizational Behavior & HR Management

Virginia International University

Dr. Theresa Poussaint

January 31, 2018










in organization can aid to evolve the alertness about the sexual, racial and
ethnical characteristics as well as help to handle the diverse organization in
a proper way (Robins and Judge,2017). The first article discusses about
diversity along with it having its benefits in itself, certainly is sometimes
hard to handle. Being hired in some companies should be dependent upon one’s
performance and ability to do anything rather than being a part of some group.
However, still people are judged impartially and being stereotyped. Hence,
stereotypes are the most obvious way to guide the interviewers (Burrell,2016).
You might face the stereotype threat if you are at minority in a certain
situation (Robins and Judge,2017) such as black and Hispanic men were rejected
from an interview stating that they lacked communication skill though their
performances in other areas were brilliant. In the same case, white men who
lacked communication skills were considered to be mentor able.

it is quite hard to reconstruct the mind of people on how it is going on but
rather their existing environment can be modified where they make a decision.
Such process is known as choice architecture (Burrell,2016). The article tends
to end with the notion of an expression stating how can anyone award the
substantial performance of the individual when they are in a diversified group?
So, correspondingly, someone can be awarded for their performance by being understood
about their contradictions so that the employee’s morale will be boosted
therefore they will accomplish their task properly. Likewise, other way to do
that is setting an intellectual test where their mathematical, communicational,
speed, ability of reasoning, capability to judge as well as memory power are
judged (Robins and Judge,2017). The article rather raised the existing problems
of diverse environment and also stated why these complications are still
existing but provided less ways to solve those problems. In addition to what is
included here we can use various other initiatives to manage the problems in
recruitment by forming a diversified hiring team, focusing university and
colleges for hiring and targeting certain groups who otherwise are
discriminated (Jayne & Dipboye, 2004)

article talks about the liaison between diversity in the organization and the
achievement that the employees can get because of that. Further, it also
discusses about the rational ways that the organization can take so as to
administer the drive of diversity in the proper way (Jayne & Dipboye,
2004). Nowadays the organization’s workforce has become a heterogenous blend of
groups because of the trend of hiring employees of different gender, age and
race which is known as diversity (Robbins &
Judge, 2017). However, focusing in diversity programs have been one of
the trending topics in all the organizations nowadays. Thus, diversity programs
include three major factors those are very essential to maintain the balance
between the employees. Those factors can be known as: hiring an employee,
containing them, and creating them from less known groups. Furthermore, it provides
various ways for the management of workforce such as: making commitment for the
management, conducting the need assessment, making proper strategies and team
building. The article ends with the note of enhancement of the diversity in the
workplace might also lead to some problems of conflict and only diversity
cannot guarantee sudden improvement in the performance of the employees (Jayne
& Dipboye, 2004).

conclude, this article really provided a good base on the diversity management.
It also has catered various steps that Human Resource managers can abide by so
as to bring positive result out of the diverse environment. Additionally, the
clear picture of workforce problem has been mentioned here. Definitely, while
working in a group there must a common perception in the way of doing work,
frequent and subsequent communication is also very essential which will
eventually help in completing the given tasks (Robbins & Judge 2017) which
is clearly mentioned in the article.


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