Hmong – Asian Descendants

I often get the question, “What nationality are you?” As I pause momentarily to let them figure out what type of Asian I am, majority of the answer from the person asking would be “your Chinese.” I don’t blame them for guessing that I am Chinese, due to the fact that Chinese is one of the largest Asian communities in America. So what type of Asian am I?Well, let me get started by saying that we are a people with no country. That’s why it’s difficult to know where my roots really came from. I came from a Asian descendent group called “Hmong”. You may be thinking to yourself, what is Hmong? How come I never heard about your people? Great question, that’s why I am here to let you in about my people, why we’re barely heard of or spoken of.

The Hmong never really had a place to call home. It past down from father to sons, that the Hmong people used to live along the Yellow River in China. We was a peacefully community with one King, just like every other country. As the new era of each Chinese dynasty ruler grew bigger and bigger. They hunger for land expansion and peasants as their slaves. Our King was offer a proposal that if we supply his troops with food and shelter, we may own the landmark and his troop would protect us on the western horizon. Indeed the western land was protected by the king’s troops, and the Hmong was the enemies from the western horizon. When people heard that our kingdom had fallen, everyone fled to mountains of China and some down to Indochina.

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The Hmong people became unknown until the early 19th century, when they were encounter with the French in Indochina. During World War II, many of the Hmong men living in Laos were recruited to help resist against the invasion of the Japanese empire. It wasn’t until the Vietnam War that made an impact on the Hmong people. Yes, America did withdraw the troops out of the Vietnam War. When the American soldiers left, the CIA slowly sneak in quietly an…