Hilton being in a high power distance and


            Hilton Kuala Lumpur had commenced it operation more than 14 years in Malaysia since 2004 where the company had fully adopted the national culture into the organization. However, expatriate’s worker from foreign countries such as USA who are working in Malaysia might experience high level of culture shock that can affect their performance (Chen, Wang, and Chu, 2011). Due to high power distance, Hilton Malaysia managers always emphasis on providing a quality customer services where guest’s statues are expected to be higher than employee. A high power distance society also driven by high consumption of branded product. Therefore, this create an organization culture where procedures and commands from higher level of management are required to follow by the employee. Unquestionably, being in a high power distance and less properties concentrated society, these bring a positive impact on competitive advantage to the hotel brand reputation because of its consistency in quality customer service and achieve high level satisfaction for customer (Sumaco, Imrie, and Hussain, 2014). Likewise, expatriate worker from USA who are currently working in Malaysia will experience difficulty in communicating with local manager or customers due to the difference in power distance. A society with high power distance practices proper respect to customer as they had accepted the differences in social class (Lee 2012). No doubt that guest usually prefer to speak with a person who have higher authority such as manager instead of a front office employee when looking for more information. A phenomenon has been created where worker usually give a preferential treatment in order to win customers satisfaction which affect their performance appraisal. This cause expatriate worker may take it personal or even questioning himself resulting in lower performance.

The hospitality industry has been expanding significantly throughout the world due to internationalization where big hotel corporation in United State of America took these investment opportunities to invest in Malaysia. As for Hilton Hotel, the company took a series of strategies and understanding in cultural differences to achieve and sustain in a competitive environment. By looking into the dimension of Power Distance, it seems like Malaysia have a huge gap compare to United State which has the score of 100 and 40 respectively. Power Distance often associated with inequality in power and authority distribution within the organization (Zainuddin, Ismail and Saipei, 2013). In other words, Power Distance can be observed as authority are being ranked accordingly and the level of acceptance in class division among the society (The Star Online, 2014). Indeed, high score in power distance gives manager to have ultimate control and high authority over an employee. As an employee, he or she have no right questioning manger’s decision which had created some challenges such as communication gap between subordinate and management (Ghosh, 2011). Nevertheless, high power distance certainly brought some advantages in term of service delivery, reputation and industry branding.

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