Hiking exercise because it can choose any level

Hiking is the activity that need a long or short walk
through rural area and the exercise for our body. What we know, hiking is very
good in life because it gives benefits to our body and mind. The factor why
human hike because they want to find a new experience, hike become routine
exercise and realizing a new and beautiful place. There are some benefits of
hiking that can take care of physical and mental health. For mental health,
hiking can give a good motivation to make exercise in interesting ways. Hiking
also can make us closer to the nature and ordinary pace which will improve the
happiness and feel more satisfied.

For physical health, hiking is very great exercise
because it can choose any level of fitness their want it by pick a hard and
easy trail. Just a few hours trekking can burn about 500 calories, depend on
trails. Plus, trekking through the trails
will lower the cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce the danger of
diabetes, heart disease who at high risk. According to Stedman, he says you
will feel less creaky and stiff after hike in the mountains than jog or walk a
sidewalk. Next, hike also can help recover sickness at patients. From research
of International Journal of Sports Medicine, the long-distance hiking can
improve the antioxidative capacity that will help patients to fight off their

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Hiking also can give some excellent benefits for
muscle tone because the body and legs must to reimburse for the irregular
terrain by working tougher. After that, hiking also can make people happily,
which help people from depression feel less depressed, hopeless and suicidal.
According to Leigh, spend time in nature and forget about daily life will allow
people more feel peace and well-being. It is because people will focus just to
feel the nature and the beautiful of jungle. Hiking also will lead people to be
more active lifestyle.

Lastly, hiking also will make a way of creative
thinking to people. The creative thinking happens when a problem occurs, and
the solution will create at any way. “A technique of
showing that interrelating with nature was real which can determinate welfares
to creative problem-solving” (David Strayer). When in the jungle, the problem
will have exposed at any time, so the mind and brain must think fast to solve
the problems. This is why hiking will improve people mindset how to think