he to appeal to the emotions of Americans

he article “walking while black: Michael
Brown, Black men and the White police officers” was written by Ishmael Sistrunk
to narrate his experience on how he was been treated as a second class citizens
by the white police officers just because of his color ‘black ‘and the fact
that racism is still present in today’s America, even though slavery ended. The
article was written to appeal to the emotions of Americans on the presence of
racism in the country through his personal experience with the police officers
of North County

The Author
talked about how his color was seen as a threat even in his own home

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The author
writes about how the election and re-election of Barrack Obama as the President
of the United State which should have stand as a example of a unified America
where everyone is seen as one irrespective of the color, be it white or black
as seen as one, but this seems to aggravate the situation by bringing racism to
the forefront as many still see Black not capable to lead their own America.
Many people refused to acknowledge and respect him as Commander in Chief
because of his color. He was seen as a second class citizen who wasn’t worthy
to lead their nation where there are whites.

Ishmael Sistrunk
gave account of his teen and young adult age as evidence that to support his
claim of racism, which still exists in his neighborhood. He claimed he became a
prime target for police officers when he got his driver’s license. He said,
between the age of 16 and 25, He was stopped and questioned by the police
officers over 50 times while driving for various reasons  in which only few times the reasons for the
pull over were actually legitimate like speeding, failure to come to a complete
stop while  other times, the reasons
don’t make sense. The reasons for police officers asking him to pull over are
as petty as why his license plate was partially obstructed by snow while it was
still snowing, to asking about where is coming from and heading to and his
reasons for being in the area by that time.

He argues that
his color is being seen as a threat to them even in his home neighborhoods. He
had to relocate because he was tired of constantly watching over his shoulder
and feeling unease and intimidated every time a police officer is around rather
than feel assured that a security agent is around to protect him. He was always
conscious of the way he reasons, talks, the tone at which he talks and his
movement so it won’t be misinterpreted by the white police officers and end up
like Michael Brown.  His mother had to
teach him how to comport himself in public because she knows racism and
prejudice is real and felt compelled to give her son more training as to how to
leave not just as human but as black.

The writer
maintained that not all white police officers are bad because he has met with
and know some good ones which he respect 
and  that there are black-on-black
crime which shouldn’t be ignore. Black men shouldn’t  just rally and riot when a white officer
kills one of their young ones in cold blood. He is trying to balance his
argument so as his views won’t be mistaken for as a bias view but as a man
sharing his view from his experience.

For black men to
protect themselves, the writer suggests that black men needs to stop portraying
themselves as the dangerous. The world is comfortable viewing the Africa
Americans as violent criminals in which changing the world view about it might
be difficult unless they stop acting as one. He further suggests a way of
saving the black lives as cleaning their images and their neighborhood. He said
since most rap songs on radio glorify guns, drugs, the trap, the hood and its
lifestyle. Ishmael Sistrunk claimed he is going to lose his mind if another
rapper hails thug life and still mention Trayvon Martin’s name. Trayvon Martin
who was a 17 year old African American when he was shot dead by a white
neighborhood watch volunteer His ex-step mother Stanley told CNN’s Anderson
Cooper that before she and Tracy Martin separated, Trayvon was with her 90% of
the time, and she went to all his football games and took care of him when he
was sick. She said Trayvon was a kind and loving person, not a ‘thug’ as the
media portrayed him to be1. Relating Martin to thug life only proves
to the world he deserves death.

Also most
reality TV show showcases black women cussing, fighting and plotting evil
against each other tarnishing the image of the black Americans a good
reputation to the world. So for the police officers to protect the black
Americans, they must be willing to protect themselves and build for themselves
a good reputation.

The poem
“Harlem” written by Langston Hughes in the year 1951 talked about the
limitation of American Dream for the African Americans. The aspirations of the
Black Americans to be treated as equal to the white Americans without
prejudice. The poem talks about what happens when this dream is constantly
deferred and delayed

 It is not enough for black men to feel
intimidated by the presence of police in their neighborhood rather than being
comforted by their presence. Therefore, now is the time to be unified and find
solutions of inclusion, diversity and building better relationships.