Hamlet to Hamlet throughout the play.Hamlet and Horatio

Hamlet and Horatio are friends from the University of Wittenberg. Horatio comes to Elsinore to be at the funeral of Hamlet’s dad, the ghost king. Horatio knows Hamlet better than Hamlet knows Horatio. Hamlet and Horatio are friends because Hamlet trusts Horatio, Hamlet values Horatio’s temper, and Horatio is loyal to Hamlet throughout the play.Hamlet and Horatio learn to trust each other more and more throughout the play. In the start of the play Horatio tells Hamlet about the king/ghost. Hamlet then goes to see the ghost and Horatio tries to stop Hamlet from getting close to the ghost as the ghost waves him over. Then Hamlet draws his sword on Horatio, but Horatio still goes with Hamlet even though he drew his sword. After Hamlet sees the ghost he tells Horatio to swear to his sword that he will not tell anybody what they heard. In Act 3 Scene 2, Hamlet tells Horatio that they will be showing a play for the king. He then says that they are going to reenact the death of his father, the king. He then tells Horatio to watch his Uncle Claudius closely and see if there is any guilt. In that specific part of the play it shows that Hamlet trusts Horatio a lot more. Hamlet learns to value Horatio’s temper because he is calm and accepts life. At first, when Horatio goes to see the ghost with Hamlet, Horatio tries to stop Hamlet from getting close to the ghost and Hamlet does not like that. So Hamlet draws a sword on Horatio. But however in Act 3 Scene 2, Hamlet talks about liking Horatio because of his even temper. Hamlet then goes on by saying that Horatio is calm and accepts life and that he values him because of that. Hamlet also says Horatio uses his brain and heart to think. Hamlet then says that Horatio is able to control his emotions and feelings. Finally, Hamlet sees the benefit of Horatio’s temper.   Horatio is loyal to Hamlet. In Act 1 Scene 2, Horatio lets Hamlet know about the ghost of the dead king, Hamlet’s father. Horatio then goes with Hamlet to see the ghost to keep Hamlet safe. He also keeps the secrets that Hamlet told him about. Later in the play he also helps Hamlet test the king for guiltiness. Horatio does everything Hamlet asks of him.In conclusion, Hamlet and Horatio are great friends by the end of the play. They go through a lot together in the first three acts of the play and become closer as Hamlet comes to his death. They go see the ghost together and Hamlet brings Horatio into the plot against the king. Overall they are friends because of trust, Horatio’s temper, and loyalty.