Growing Up in Mainland China

Since ancient times, territories and areas of a country have been divided by borders and this caused the creation of very different cultures from country to country (Liu, Volcic, & Gallois, 2015). However, over time change, the development of the internet, transport expansion, holiday traveling, and overseas studying, the idea of a ‘multicultural’ is much more familiar to us. Dodd`s model of culture includes three items: inner core, cultural activities, and institutions within culture.To demonstrate my culture`s characteristics, this essay will focus on one of the host items: inner core. As I am an international student from China I will give examples of my country’s history, identity, beliefs, and values (Liu, Volcic, & Gallois, 2015). Each section of the inner core is related to culture and communication theory: characteristics of communication, components and characteristics of culture. To support this claim, I will reflect on what it means to me to identify as a member of my cultural group, and how it shaped me as an individual.

Growing up as an only child, the fact that my mother and father dealt with different kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds really affected my ideas of respecting other cultural groups outside of my own. My grandfather was born in the Shandong Province of China. When he was 30 years old he moved to Taiwan and had his second child, my father. Time passed and my father had a job opportunity in Shanghai when he was 25 years old; his parents supported him and let him to move to shanghai. The Taiwan/Shanghai identity made my dad special but has also seen him go through a lot geographical discrimination from others in his late 20s. However, he handled it well by learning the Shanghai dialect, becoming social, and because he did not have any sense of discrimination in his personality. My mother, a beautiful lady from the Jiangxi Province was attracted by his charm and fell in love with him and they go…

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