Globalization in Vietnam

Globalization means the process of international integration between countries for connecting economy, politics, and culture. Many nations have become rich from globalization’s economic growth. Other nations have had more powers by global positive effects, but there are a lot of nations that have become more indigent because of globalization. Globalization has also influenced my country, Vietnam, with negative effects that led to inequality between the rich and the poor, resulted in the polluting the environment, and caused a negative change in traditional culture.

One negative effect of globalization in Vietnam is the inequality of the rich and the poor and the cause of the increasing poverty. Before 1975, most citizens of Vietnam had a sufficient life. For example, a father who worked with a wage of a regular official staff could afford to feed his family and pay bills that included housing, clothing, and schooling fees. If in Vietnamese families, a father or mother were to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a businessman, or a high level official working in the government, their lives would become more comfortable. For instance, they might have big houses, cars, babysitters who lived in their owners’ properties and even weekend vacations in the countryside. Meanwhile, in Vietnamese villages, farmers also had peaceful and happy lives. The daily farming jobs helped farmers to have adequate meals with rice and fish planted and caught from their huge farms or natural rivers and lakes. In addition, these farmers could support their children to enter colleges or universities in big cities. Then, when Vietnam joined the global economy in 1986, its economy was negatively transformed. The Vietnamese government called for foreign investors to join the market of Vietnam by establishing shareholder corporations between foreign companies and the government of Vietnam. With the shareholders, capital that the Vietnamese government would contrib…

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