Fundraising different individuals, charitable foundations, businesses, or governmental

Fundraising is known as the
process of collecting voluntary charities or donations in the form of money or
any other resource, from different individuals, charitable foundations,
businesses, or governmental organizations. Fundraising used to be done with the
motive of development. Though it usually states to the efforts of gathering
money for some non- profit organizations. Whereas traditionally, it was consisted of
requesting for donations or aids on the roads or at public’s doors, which is
actually facing a sturdy progress and development in the form of raise the
fund through face-to-face, but
online fundraising which is a new type of fundraising have appeared in recent
years, although these are habitually created on old techniques like grassroots fundraising.

Here, we had to raise the fund through gift aid which is an income tax relief specially designed to
help donations, charities and community amateur sports club or
any voluntary organization. This mechanism is referred to as Gift Aid and for
every £1 you give, gift aid amounts to a 25p extra. The working of the gift aid
is such as if you have given £10 to a charity and you fall under the bracket of
basic tax paying rate, that is, 20%, you would have paid £2.50 as tax on the
total donation (to take home an income of £10, you would have to earn £12.50
before tax). £2.50 can be reclaimed by charities from HMRC (Her Majesty’s
Revenue and Customs).

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this, we worked in a team of 6 people where our
main objective is to raise the fund for Oxenford cricket club. Every member of
the team had worked with full enthusiasm and dedication and in order to attain
the objectives timely and effectively, we had divided our work in 6 parts. In
order to start our work, we had set the following objectives:

To identify the cricket club that is
seeking for help regarding Gift Aid.

To find out the professional
organisations (Approved by HMRC) in UK.

Identify the organisations which offer
gift aid option.

Identify the nature of the professional
organisation which offers gift aid option.

all worked with a mutual understanding where everyone was well clear about
their tasks and responsibilities. In a team of six people, I had given the role
to go for basic market analysis where identification of cricket club can be
done. There are various cricket clubs that are seeking for the help of
fundraising through gift aid. From those various clubs, we had chosen Oxenford cricket
club for helping them to raise the funds. Oxenford is an oxford based league
cricket club which has a large number of members involved with it. Gradually
this membership is also increasing with addition of various new players as a
member. It is also considered as city centre club who used to welcome different
players from a comprehensive continuum of background. The club is well reputed
by its nature of ethnically diverse and managing the competitiveness with
impartial play and graciousness. The club was founded in 1948 but had started
playing cricket league under the banner of oxenford from 1978 due to the amalgamation.

            After surveying the market of
cricket club which was my responsibility, we all discussed about the different
cricket clubs. We went through various pros and cons of the clubs, undergo
through all the necessary details and had a complete group discussion. So after
considering the reputation of the Oxenford cricket club and its existence from
last so many years, we all had decided to choose this cricket club for
fundraising through gift aid. After finalizing the cricket club, our next major
task is to raise the fund. Now the question arises that how to raise the fund. So
for this, we had gone through a market survey where we found that there are
more than 4000 professional organization which are being approved by HMRC (HM
revenue and customs). But out of these only few can be targeted for the purpose
of fundraising. 40 organizations were taken into consideration for the purpose
of fundraising which are approved by HMRC. Out of these 40, 8 organizations
which offer fundraising through gift aid were chosen. All these 8 professional
organizations were invited for our fundraising event i.e. a cricket match. For
organizing this event, a budget was formulated by considering a rough idea of
the total attendance of people for the event and set an admission price or an
entry ticket for the event where all the necessary facility will be provided to
the public who will be there in the event. A list was made including all the
ways of communication either it is internal or external which are used by our
club or we tried to utilise all of them in a best way at a single place. It includes
newsletter, club noticeboards, Twitter, website, Facebook, emails and text
messages among others. We had also contacted the local press and radio so that
they can advertise about our event. Rather we had a contingency plan too in
case there will be bad weather or in some unforeseen circumstances, we would
shift it to the next Sunday other things remain the same. Certain legal issues
are also taken into consideration such as security and safety of the members as
well as the public who will be there in the event for which first aid, fire
safety, etc. were arranged. Due to the shortage of time this event was not on a
large scale but the output we received was very well and it motivates us to
work like that more. Along with the facility of brunch which was included in
the price of the entry ticket, there are several stalls of games and food which
are paid i.e. the people if wish to, can buy the food or play the game by
paying for it to the stall manager or attendant. These stalls were just to
entertain the people and adding an extra factor to our event.