Freedom? African Americans. This was no okay whatsoever.

Freedom? That’s a strong word that no one should ever take advantage or for granted  because at a certain time period, the Harlem Renaissance; African Americans were hoping and dreaming that one day they would just get equal treatment amongst all people. Expressing one’s feelings at the time was very much necessary which many blacks jumped on the bandwagon of, this was the blossoming of African American culture that finally needed to be seen. They finally established a voice during this time of postwar racial violence, media and newspapers exaggerated black crime as a justification for violent acts against African Americans. This was no okay whatsoever.  Blacks felt disheartened at the way there being treated and felt as if they don’t belong. In the primary text “Enslaved” Mckay states “Robbed in the ancient country of its birth, My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead, for this my race that has no home on earth”( “Enslaved” “line 6,7,8”).  Being an immigrant and migrating to America at this time was difficult. McKay is stating that the home of black people, his native Jamaica, or in the countries across Africa, or anywhere they may have migrated to in Europe or North America has been stolen from them, and that the door is locked eternally. So now that they come to America they want to feel as if there at home and not have a heart full of hostility. Secondly the source of my primary text proves my thesis from “If we Must Die”  by Mckay declaring,  “If we must die, let it not be like hogs Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs, Making their mock at our accursèd lot” ( “If we Must Die” line 1,2,3,4). This quote simply means the speaker and his allies are being hunted by hungry dogs mocking them,  also known as the racist whites.  He is urging his allies not to become weak  but stay strong and fight back although discouraged in this dilemma. Also comparing them to hogs hunted and penned in an inglorious spot but to fight against those attacking them. Meaning while retaliating back may lead to death it is important to realize and important to the speaker that they don’t just stand there waiting to be hunted and killed and do something, stand up for what you believe, fight back.  The author continues deeply on the matter of blood sweat and tears needed to fight this