Fort St. John: The Best Canadian City

Selecting the best Canadian city can be a challenge for many, especially those who are new to the area. Fort St. John, a small city located in the Peace River Regional District in Northern British Columbia, is a great option. Nicknamed the “Energetic City”, it has grown to house over 30000 people and the population continues to rise (Trevor Melanson, 2015). There is so much that can be taken into account to backup the many reasons why Fort St. John is truly the best city to live in Canada.

By being far away from the ocean, having little precipitation, and a large temperature range, it is classified as a continental climate (Climemps, 2016). The variance in seasonal temperatures offers a variety of activities like golfing in the summer to skiing in the winter. Because of how north this city is located, it is a lot colder in the winters and cooler in the summers (HelloBC, 2016). However, by being positioned on the leeside of the Rocky Mountains, they act as a barrier to the cold air masses, so it results in being a milder winter. Unlike most of British Columbia, it has a close similarity to the Alberta Plateaus. Fort St. John is quite flat with slight elevations. The Peace River flows through and a massive boreal forest surrounds the city (HelloBC, 2016).

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Next, Fort St. John is well known for its industries and resources. It is doing extremely well in its oil and gas, agriculture, and even the tourism sector. By holding the province’s largest reserves, the oil and gas industry has benefitted the economy, and a great help for job growth (Thomas Kyle, 2016). Although the oil situation is worsening in Canada, especially Alberta, Fort St. John is holding up quite well, and hasn’t been hugely affected (Fort St. John BC, 2016). With its fine farmland, long daylight hours, and cheap land, agriculture has also grown to be another assistant to employment and growth in the economy (Fort St. John BC, 2016). Its spectacular features and its …