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For this lab, the effect of osmosis on gummy bears was to be examined. Over the span of two days, gummy bears were placed in water but were different types of water. We had three solutions. These solutions were: tap water, salt water, and distilled water. These water solutions were used to observe the effect of osmosis on the gummy bears. Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration over a semi permeable surface. The gummy bear in this experiment will act as the semi permeable surface, allowing water molecules to flow in and out of the gummy bear. After the gummy bears were placed in the three different water solutions two of the three swelled a gigantic amount the next day.  The gummy bears became very soft and fragile. The gummy bear placed in the salt water was a vibrant red color before we placed it in the water and the next day it had shrunk and had become much more dull looking. The other two gummy bears placed in the water without salt had become much more bigger and almost became transparent. They resemble a jello-like substance. The gummy bear in the tap water went from 2.409cm to 2.592cm. The gummy bears in distilled water went from 2.170cm to 0.093cm. The gummy bear in salt water went from 1.054cm to 0.7cm meaning the only time solute the gummy bear increased in was in the tap water. This was an example of osmosis. Water flowed into the semipermeable surface of the gummy bear. The gummy bear was initially had a low concentration of water, as we can see this from how much they grew in the tap and the distilled water. The gummy bear had a lower concentration of water compared to the solution of water. To create an equilibrium, in this hypotonic solution, water needed to go into the gummy bear because osmosis was required to happen because the two objects needed to have an equilibrium. But, this all changed when the one gummy bear was placed in a saltwater solution. When it was placed in a saltwater solution, it was placed into a hypertonic solution. The different concentrations of salt water determined if the gummy bear would shrink dramatically or subtly. With a higher concentration, the bears would shrink more. This occurred because the solution had a lower concentration of water in comparison to the gummy bear, as mentioned before. This lab, over the course of two days, allowed us to observe osmosis and determine its true abilities and gain a higher understanding of the subject.