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“Every action, or lack of action, takes a decision. And a decision takes energy. And every bit of energy taken in making decisions about stupid things takes energy from the important things.”.So I know as teenagers, most of us don’t have time for reading. Or that’s what we tell our teachers. As for myself it is very hard to find a book that I can actually enjoy reading, and I believe many of us face this problem too. But today I have brought you a book that for once you can actually understand the language they are speaking and you can also relate too. Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined by Danielle Younge-Ullman is a young adult fiction novel. Danielle studied English and Theater at McGill University in Montreal, then worked as professional actor for ten years after. She is also known for her books, Falling Under, and Lola Carlyle’s 12-Step Romance. Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined is about a girl name Ingrid who faces problems most of us will never have to experience before the completion of high school. Ingrid spends her childhood traveling around the world alongside her famous mother enjoying first-class living. Her life collapses when her famous mother loses her talent due to illness. Ingrid finds herself having to support her mother while trying to define who she is as a person and her own direction in life. Along her path she faces resistance from her mother because of mother’s own life experiences. To prove to herself to her mother, Ingrid goes out of her comfort zone  and enrolls in a camp that was nothing like the brochure.   This novel is an emotional rollercoaster. Throughout every chapter in the novel you learn another life lesson as you get deeper into the story. From the first page, you are hooked. It perfectly describes every emotion we have ever felt. You will not be able to stop thinking about what will happen next or will she ever fall in love with this boy. This book will open your eyes to reality. Not only from a young adult’s perspective but also from struggling single mother.  It made me think about new ways to look at situations myself and many of you are dealing with and to realise there is always options. I think anyone who has ever experienced depression, anxiety or stress should read this novel. I think anyone who has ever had to deal with an extremely difficult situation should read this book. Everything Beautiful is not ruined educates its readers on many thing we need to know as young students. It teaches us the value of things in life we take for granted and how to cope with problems we are facing. The book also makes us aware that we will never stop facing challenges even into adulthood.