Ever Here are the few thigs that you

Ever wonder how the various computing
services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and
many more are provided over the internet? The general term for the delivery of
these services is known as Cloud Computing which traces its origins back to the
1960s. Even if you don’t realize it, you might be using cloud computing right
now. In the daily routine, people use online service to send email, edit
documents, play games, store pictures and so many other stuff. Behind the
scenes, it is the cloud computing that is making all this possible. It has been
barely a decade since the first cloud computing services were introduced. Ever
since then, a variety of organizations across the globe have adopted this
technology for all sorts of reasons. Here are the few thigs that you can do
with the cloud computing.

§  Create new apps
and services

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§  Store, back up and
recover data

§  Host websites and

§  Stream audio and

§  Deliver software
on demand

§  Analyze data for
patterns and make predictions

You must be
wondering that why cloud computing is so important? Following are the few
common reasons because of which, the world is turning towards cloud computing.

a typical IT organization, it costs a lot for managing the infrastructure like
buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site datacenters,
the racks of servers, the nonstop electricity for power and cooling etc. With
the cloud computing however, you can always eliminate these expenses by getting
the cloud services online.


the cloud computing, a huge amount of computing resources can be provisioned
with just a few mouse clicks.

Global Scale

benefit of the clouding computing is that the services are scaled elastically
which results in provision of right amount of IT resources. Such resources
include computing power, storage, bandwidth and bandwidth when its needed and
from the right geographic location.


online datacenters require a lot of tedious work. For instant, racking and
stacking”—hardware set up, software patching and other time-consuming IT
management routine tasks. With
the cloud computing, all the tedious tasks can be removed. Consequently, the IT
team can focus on more important business tasks.


most of the cloud computing services run on a world-wide network of secure
datacenters. Moreover, these datacenters are regularly upgraded to the latest
generation of efficient computing hardware. Unlike a single corporate datacenter,
this provides several benefits like reducing the network latency for
applications as well as, greater economies of scale.


the cloud computing, the data is mirrored across the multiple redundant sites
on the cloud network which makes data backup, disaster recovery and business
continuity easier and less expensive.

Long story short,
instead of having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in the house,
cloud computing enables us to consume different computing resources as a utility.
All the services work a little differently depending on the provider. It is
getting mature day by day and making the IT organizations better and better.