What Makes a Student Successful

What Makes a Student Successful? Marie Biays ENG102 – English Composition Colorado State University – Global Campus Professor Jennifer Naimark November 10, 2012 What Makes a Student Successful? Some would say success is based on the determination of the student or how well of an educator a teacher is. I believe that success is based on my determination. I do not quit anything I have started. Quitting to me is the easy way out. There are certain deeds that a person can take in order to become a good student. In order to do so, he must embody certain characteristics.

These characteristics are innate for many, but those who do not currently have them can develop them. Just as someone can take actions to become a good student, he can also take actions to develop the characteristics of a successful student. Develop an attitude and passion for learning by remaining curious and inquisitive. Use your curiosity to help you become a professional researcher. Remember to have an open mind and to remain as objective as possible while conducting research. Stay open-minded in order to use the information collected during research, to develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

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Become the type of student that studies academics instead of one who simply attends classes. Take the initiative to study on a daily and regular basis without requiring instruction to do so. Make learning a priority; this is a hard one for me because reading is not one of my favorite things to do. Have confidence and believe in your academic abilities. Be tenacious and persevere. Never succumb to an attitude of mediocrity. Responsibility is another characteristic every college student must have in order to be successful.

Students who are responsible know what their tasks are and are always a step ahead. For example, if there is a party the night before an exam a student who wants to do excellent will study instead of going to the party (2008, 09, Characteristics of Successful College Students). Develop self-discipline by using time wisely. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, regardless of what you may not feel like doing. Refrain from being a procrastinator; another hard one for me, but I am working on it. Be continually and consistently prepared.

Managing your time well helps you to stay on top of your work and to succeed as a student. If you’ve been assigned a heavy load of homework, use lunch hours and breaks to complete your assignments. Limit distractions by working in a quiet area such as a library, coffee shop or home office. Call a study partner when you need help, and take regular breaks to help you focus and stay on track. Developing listening skills will assist you in becoming a good student. But it’s not as easy as simply listening to the lecture or the lesson plan being presented.

Concentrate on the subject matter, not how it is delivered to the class. Limit distractions by turning off all your electronic devices and going to a quiet area in your home or a nearby library. If you find yourself not paying attention, stay on track by taking notes and developing questions to ask your instructor. Be humble and realize that you can always learn more regardless of what you may already know and understand. Listen to and learn from your instructor. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

I am confident that if I develop the habits outlined above that I will see a major improvement in my academic success. In fact, I have already developed some of the habits outlined above and I have seen an improvement in my academic success. I look forward to more improvement! References (2008, 09). Characteristics of Successful College Students. StudyMode. com. Retrieved, November 10, 2012, from http://www. studymode. com/essays/Characteristics-Successful-College-Students-164896. html [Web log message]. (2011, July 29). Retrieved from http://blog. chegg. com/2011/07/29/10-habits-of-successful-college-students/