Political Dynasty, Is It Acceptable or Not?

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA FCL 6 Jerome B. Rustia BS-AE 1. ) Political Dynasty, is it acceptable or not? * Political Dynasty is not acceptable for me because it is not fair to other people who deserve in such position in politics. Give chance to other to have a good leadership. Not only in one family the true/wise leader will come, every family/dynasty have it. 2. ) Must there be an absolute separation of church and state? Church and state must have no absolute separation because church is commanded by God through the use of priest/pope, on the other hand in state it is head by an president, prime minister etc. . Those politicians are also choose by God also to help such people, to produce good things in our society and it is again commanded by God by different purposes. 3. ) Is same sex marriage acceptable in our modern society? * No, it is not acceptable in our modern society because as a Christian people and one of the Christian country in Asia, God only created 2 gender which are the men and women.

You can love your same gender as friend or companions but marrying them are not acceptable in the eyes of many people and in our God. 4. ) Was the Pope’s resignation beneficial or detrimental to the church? * No, because when you were choose by God as a Pope you must served God forever whether you have some deficiency. God has a purpose so you must stand on it. 5. ) Conflict in South China Sea or West Philippines, a failure in leadership or a historical dilemma? It is a failure in leadership because that island is Philippine territory it is closer to the Philippine than other country. . . so what are president do? He just talk to the Chinese President then what is the result? Like in what I saw in the television lately, the wild life resources that the Chinese caught in Philippine sea was not back yet in us. Why did the president do on that problem? He just sat there and waiting for the help of United Nation. We are independent country so the first move must be on us not in our alliances.

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