Analytical Essay: Effective Advertising

north park secondary school| Analytical Essay: Effective Advertising| How does modern advertising work? | | Dhrumil Shah| 3/19/2013| 520033 ENG4UH | Ever since the turn of the 21st century, marketing has played a vital role on consumerism in the growing global economy. The various conventional marketing tools include advertising, branding, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations. Advertising has become such an inextricable part of every human’s life.

The effectiveness of advertising can be measured through three main media forms newspaper, television and the internet in which they capture the audience’s attention, are easy to understand and connect to the audience. The first newspaper advertisement was published in the Boston News-Letter in 1704. Since then, this type of marketing has been ever expanding. Of the three primary mediums of advertising, newspapers rank number three when comparing which media form reaches out to the audience the most.

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Newspapers generally feature two types of advertisements: classified advertisement or text advertisement, and retail advertising or display advertisements. The display advertisement may be all text or include images and can be found throughout the publication. Coupon and sale advertisements, which fall under display advertisements, are efficiently used for sales promotions to attract new customers. By offering a certain dollar or percent amount off the merchandise or service, not only is the advertisement to the point and comprehensible, but the audience’s attention is very well captured as well.

When it comes to connecting to the audience, spotlight advertisements do just that; in this advertisement the attention is focused on the customers. For example, a BMW car display advertisement with a picture of the car itself and underneath the “This is meant for you” slogan sends a message to the consumer that they are deserving of such luxury. The television was invented in the early 20th century. Since then, it has been sold all over the world and has become a major mode of communication.

In today’s most technology equipped world, the television is watched by all age groups. Advertisements are created at very minimal cost and the media delivers that to a large group of people at the same time and connects to them via beliefs. For example, the iPhone commercial from Apple Inc. connects to the audience by selling an idea and not a product. Therefore the audience buys into their beliefs and ideas before they buy their products. To grab the attention companies like Apple Inc. create advertisements which show the audience the luxurious life they do not possess.

When it comes to understanding these commercials, they are made quite short and simple ranging from 15 to 45 seconds along with narration, writing and motion pictures to guide you along to the message. TV makes people do things, from voting for our favourite reality contestant to ordering something online, and the advancement of technology has made it even easier to respond to television which makes it highly effective. All TV activity will illicit an online response. For example, 94% had gone online as a result of seeing something on TV in the last year.

Advertisement on internet costs much less than other mediums is ranked 1st for most effective out of the three. The effectiveness of advertisement on internet can be measured such as who clicked on an Internet ad and even who bought a product or service during an internet session. Knowing these statistics, help companies target certain groups of people to connect and capture their attention. To do this, the advertisements are displayed on search engine results, social media websites and video streaming websites. This is very effective way of advertising and connecting with a large group of audience for whom the advertisements are targeted at.

These advertisements are posted so that they stand out from the rest of webpage you are visiting such as flashing text and popups to capture the viewer’s attention. Understanding them become fairly easy when you click on it and you are redirected to a new page explaining the business and the products or services. Advertising is done effectively through the three main media forms which are newspaper, television and the internet. In these three categories of marketing, patterns emerge; advertisements capturing the audience’s attention, being easily comprehensible and connections being able to be made to the audience.

These patterns suggest the high level of effectiveness of advertising. Those that contradict the effectiveness and claim they are not affected by it are wrong. Successful advertising rarely succeeds through argument or calls to action. Instead, it creates positive memories and feelings that influence our behaviour over time to encourage us to buy something at a later date. No one likes to think that they are easily influenced. In fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that we respond negatively to naked attempts at persuasion.