Entrepreneur a staple of the series, which would

Entrepreneur 1:

Team silent                        

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Innovative idea:

Created a game that no one else had ever
tried to make before, after being given up on by higher ups

What have they done?

working on the now critically acclaimed PS1 game ‘Silent Hill’, there was worry
that this new series would turn out to be an utter failure. Multiple missed
deadlines and delays lead the higher up officials who worked for the company
(Konami) to give up hope on the project which was being done by a team of
developers who had not fit in with other projects and/or had multiple failures
within the company. This, combined with the teams actual intentions, lead to
the creation of a series commonly referred to as one of the greatest of all

The plan originally was to just
make a game that appealed to American audiences with a Hollywood style of
horror. The idea for the game was to make money first and care about quality
later. The team decided to go against what the higher ups wanted and to make a
game that would persist over time with its story being an emotionally driven
psychological horror story.  They used
their artistic freedom to spread their wings and create the game they all
wanted to make.

to say, the series became very popular for its dark and moody atmosphere
(ironically helped by the fog, a staple of the series, which would cover the
areas that had not loaded in a thick grey cloud, therefore hiding the textures
that had not rendered yet), its story and the fear it creates with only sound
effects. The overall score is 86/100 which is quite a feat for a new series to
hit that high a note, especially with a team of what was essentially novice
developers whose other works had not been successes. Team silent had gone from
a group of developers nobody thought would be able to produce a success in all
their careers, to the creators of a series that was widely praised whilst they
still had control over the series.

An even greater testament is that
once the series was given to other developers, only one title out of four where
even close to being received as well as the original series (that being Silent
Hill: Shattered memories, a remake/retelling of the first games story in a
different way), being that most were given very negative reviews in comparison
to what came before. They took what was assumed to be a failure and put all
there effort into creating the master piece of horror which has inspired great
pieces of entertainment, such as Stranger things.




Entrepreneur 2:

Edgar Wright


Innovative idea:

Creating films blending genres
that would have been previously thought to create an abomination of a film and
weirdly making them work.

What have they done?

Creator of films such as ‘Shaun
of the dead’, ‘Scott pilgrim vs the world’ and ‘Baby driver’, Edgar wright has
a natural ability to turn out amazing cult classic films. Mastering the art of
transitions and cinematography, he has been able to make films blending the
genres such as Brit flick romantic comedies with horror in the same style as ‘Dawn
of the dead’.

Although most of his films have
only recently made a profit of $202,535,127 (half of that total coming from his
most recent film, Baby driver) his films have reached the coveted cult classic
status. Cult classic’s definition is a film that did not make a lot of money
upon release, but over time appreciation and monetary gain for the film


such as ‘Blade runner’ and ‘Akira’ are also considered to be cult classics. He
is considered to be one of the greatest directors of our time by many people.
His creations are what he wants them to be no matter what the commercial
success is, which has given them a real feeling of passion put behind each one.


Having usually the directors and
writers chair, he is able to stretch his creative wings and show his skill on
writing multiple genres without feeling stale or using clichés in a way that
does not end with a comedic pay off. No film of his feels the same.






Entrepreneur 3



Innovative idea:

Creating systems for years to
make people’s lives easier and to fill in the gap in the market of great home


What have they done?

Microsoft started where all great
companies start. Somebody with an idea creating an empire with the brilliance
of their products. The team of Paul Allen and Bill Gates started out with a
company called Traf-o-data, they began their technological carriers creating
rudimentary computers which would gather data on traffic (hence the name Traf-o-meter).
After this first business venture, Allen pursued a computer science degree from
the Washington state university (of which he would later drop out) whilst Gates
enrolled at Harvard.


Later they would announce a
system which would work as a BASIC interpreter of the new Altair 8000
microcomputer. MIT requested a demonstration of the system. Unfortunately at
the time the system was still in its planning phase, so Allen and Gates created
a simulator of the final product they were hoping to make. Even though it was
only a simulator, the code worked perfectly. MIT made an agreement with the duo
to mass produce the product with the name Altair BASIC (which became a very
popular product). The two then created the company ‘Micro-soft’ and the rest is


The pair had shown off their
skill at creating code to bring to the masses even if the system did not
actually work at that point. They had proven themselves to be coding geniuses
which would be useful after they had started up with own company which has
become the tech giant we know today. The creation was created at a time when
any homebrew code would usually not be able to work and or be very, very
primitive (especially when compared to the systems we have today. 






Entrepreneur 4

CD Projekt


Innovative idea:

Creating a series which allowed
the company to go from rags to riches whilst showing what a content filled
passion project can do to boost the sales of a company who only made it.


What have they done?

Creators of the critically
acclaimed Witcher series, the polish development team has recently had a huge
rise in sales with their newest release, the Witcher 3: Wild hunt. The team
began as a pair of boys living in the soviet sphere of influence. Games were
scarce in Poland at the time, but there was no copyright laws as well. The
boys, Marcin Iwi?ski and Micha?
Kici?ski made and sold cracked versions of western games at a Warsaw
market.  Wanting to become a legitimate
business, they began to import CD-ROM games from American retailers. The company
known as CD Projekt began in the second quarter of 1994 with $2000 (£1495.38)
in an office created from within a friends flat.


The first issue for the company
was piracy. Being the first company to localise games in Poland, they found it
very difficult to find places to sell their games in places other than (and
this is the developers description here) “Mom and Pop shops”. With piracy being
a way for people to make money through just simply translating games and
selling them, CD Projekt had to compete with smaller teams who were making
cracked versions of translated games  at
a much faster and cheaper rate (even if they were not legal versions). Their
first success was a port of the PC game “Ace Ventura”. Whereas other
localisations that had come before only sold copies in the hundreds, Ace
Ventura sold copies in the thousands. This was their first success as a
business. They then went on to create the Polish ports of The Baulders game
games, allowing them to work with big developer names such as interplay
(creators of the well-known “Fallout” series and) and Bioware (creators of the
critically acclaimed “Mass effect” series).








After the effects of a cancelled
game caused by the bankruptcy of Interplay wavered the team’s thoughts of game
localization they decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. They
began development on a game (Note: the pair had no idea how to create a game at
the time) based upon a fantasy book series which was popular in Poland by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series name was Wied?min. Or The Witcher as it is known in the west. The original Test
demo was looked back upon by the head of the comapny as not up to the standards
that they needed it to be. Over the cource of development the team expanded
from 15 to 100 people working on the game. Having trouble translating the game
to English, the (once) prolific Atari publish the english versions of the game.
The series (as it went on) began testing the limits of what systems were
capable of doing. The series went to greater and greater heights, even getting
Game of the year 2015 awards for its third and final entry into the


The company shows that
by testing the limits of what is capable from computers as well as refining
every single aspect of a game can result in monetray gain and all around
praise. Having the entire development team working on one game has shown to
create games that only continue to increase in quality, whilst never creating a
lot of content but not making any of it fun and/or playable. Proving that
profitablity and fan bases respect quality game making and having lots of
customisation and things to do in the game, CD Projekt is one of, if not the
best known Polish developer in western gaming media and people are excited for
the new game, Cyberpunk 2077.