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1.     Sara
Groff Stephens, MSW, and Dina J. Wilke , PhD 
College of Social Work, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida,

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2.     JOURNAL
OF AMERICAN COLLEGE HEALTH2016, VOL. 64,NO.1,38–47 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07448481.2015.1074237

3.     Sexual
violence, weight perception and eating disorders as a complex condition.

4.     It was
a correlation study.

5.     The
variables involved are:

Eating disorders, sexual violence, eating disorder,
inaccurate body weight, under body weight. The experimental condition was
observed on University students and “typically” college age females.

6.     The
variables enlisted in the article are:

Sex against one’s will, sexual touching against one’s will,
attempted sexual penetration.

7.     US
college students who have reported instances of sexual violence will be more
likely to report ED indicators than female US college students who have not.
More the severe sexual violence higher the likelihood that students will report
eating disorders problem. It is expected that eating disorder group will be
likely to increase with the group of sexual violent group.

8.     The
participants were 6,090 college females 25 years of age and younger. The students
belonged to public university in the southeast. Annual response rates ranged
from a low of 21% to a high of 31.8%, with a total overall response rate of 27.3%.  The study examined the experience of mainly
college aged females so the respondents that included male were avoided. A
total of 35,000 students between 2004 and 2013 were invited to participate in
the survey. Annual response rates ranged from a low of 21% to a high of 31.8%,
with a total overall response rate of 27.3%.

9.     The
material used was as follows: –

Data were gathered using the National College Health
Assessment (NHCA). The NHCA was initiated by the American College Health
Association (ACHA).. The NHCA has been evaluated and has been found to be
highly reliable and valid among US college students. The survey instrument
included following topics related to survey instrument that contains a variety
of items on health issues, including weight, nutrition, exercise, mental
health, and personal safety and violence.

10.  The study
followed by survey data collection which was sequential Cross-sectional data
collection strategy and all respondents from each year were involved in the
analyses. Data were initially gathered through a mail survey, which later
turned to a Web based administration.

11.  Eighteen
percent of the sample had experienced some form of sexual violence, with mild being
the most common (13% and moderate and severe violence severity along with
inaccurate body weight. The interaction between these 2 variablesdid not
significantly impacts the presence of ED indicators. Overall, inaccurate body
weight perception had the strongest impact on ED indicators; where as moderate
sexual violence (attempted sexual penetration) had the strongest impact of the
different levels of sexual violence severity. At last, sexual violence is a
reality for women in college.

12.  The
authors show no such conflicts in this report. Women with histories of sexual
trauma have increased ED psychopathology and increased symptoms of PTSD, and
PTSD is a powerful mediator of the relationship between sexual trauma and disordered
eating. This experiment included question like WERE YOU SEXUALLY PENETRATED?
experiment suggests that it is important for health and mental health providers
working with victims to be aware of the potential for engaging in disordered
eating or purging behaviors, especially among those who have experienced more
severe forms of sexual violence.

13.  Which
age group is mostly like to suffer from anorexia nervosa and bulimia.


·      What
people do to get rid of these problems?

·      What
is the difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment?

·      How
female cope with sexual problems?

·      Which
age group of men tries to practice such sexual actions?

                   In this experiment the percentage of young
female children should have been included to make it more accurate. Now a day’s
crime is increasing a lot that it has impacted on young age of girls. So the
data should also contain how children are been sexually assaulted. And it
should emphasize more on how we can get rid of these problems? And how
government can formulate policies to end issues like sexually violence.