English appeasing to the English that began an

English colonization
begins when the population of Great Britain expands within the 15th
and 16th century. Here we start to see the development of lands to
conquer the Spanish, this is where we see the English take very seriously the
reach to develop land on North American soil. The increase in the amount of low
poverty-stricken citizens of England made it quite essential for the English to
look to other territory not only for population escalating, but also a place
for a New World Market for goods and services to be exchanged and traded. Thus,
within the 17th century Great Britain established the 13th
colonies, which included states from modern day Georgia all the way to Rhode
Island. This in return brought about English imperialism, or the
stretching/reach to new land and territory.

The motivation for Great
Britain empire was too become and remain the world most dominant power. They
set out to teach others their practices, customs, culture, and language to
exploit the resources of others and use it to their advantage. Teaching others
through their system of education about equality, human dignity, and freedom.
This was all apart of England plan to capitalize off others often looking at it
as a divine plan/agenda to establish a new world objective towards a hierarchy
that Great Britain saw as God’s Devine plan.

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After developing
territories in the Caribbean, where slavery was the fore front of the economy,
producing sugar etc. The English become fascinated about other resources, and
looked for expansion in America. Where they could manipulate the cotton,
tobacco, rice, and fur trade, that was very lucrative during this time. Also
taking over and establishing a strong naval base, which certain colonies had
that made it very appeasing to the English that began an all-out responsibility
to colonize these states.

Certain Colonies like
Massachusetts Bay, Virginia, and the Carolinas where very special in which many
political, religious, and trade networks where established. Massachusetts Bay
was the most profitable of the colonies, which was founded in the 17th
century. It became very religious especially with the Great Puritan Migration,
which Christianity was spread throughout the America’s. Many issues arose
because of this especially the Native American who did not take to the European
liken to civilize them and their land. This in turn created tension amongst the
English and native American, but the continued exploitation worsened. Even
through Massachusetts was the most profitable with a huge trading system of
lumber, fish, and other products, it struggled to export to European countries,
because it couldn’t keep up with the supply of products and resources needed.

In Massachusetts Bay, an
economic depression hit because of settlers trying to take over the colony
resources. This was because the exportation of beef became very profitable, so
many settlers were drawn to its economy. In return slavery became a huge focus
within the Bay colony, now participating in the Triangle trade, which traded
slaves, rum/molasses, and sugar cane in a three-part system. When you look on a
map of this trading network the three-part system created a triangle. The Bay
colony came to an end after slavery started becoming phased out and Great
Britain started to threatening England activity’s, which would lead to the
American Revolution.

Virginia colony was the
first colony to be founded in 1607, and was a major export of tobacco.  It was a good colony for natural resources
like trees, land, and fish as well. Their exports included fruits, tobacco, and