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Did you ever think that there were people that controlled everything in your life? Well, the Romans did.The Romans believed that there were gods who impacted all of our lives. They also believed that these gods controlled War, Love, Sea, Skies and more.  To truly understand Roman Gods you must know about the transition to Roman gods, Roman Mythology and the worship of Roman gods.Roman gods didn’t start off as Romans. To learn about Romans gods you need to learn about Greek gods. At the center of ancient Greek religion were the gods, a group of all-powerful male and female beings the Greeks believed watched over different parts of life from their home on Mount Olympus (“Greco-Roman Religion”). The Greeks had many Gods who controlled certain things in life. Zeus the God of The skies and the ruler of Mount Olympus was also the chief of all the gods.There were more gods such as Poseidon, Hera, Ares, Hades, Apollo and etc. With There are gods the roman became interested in them and adopted them into their own religion. The Romans later changed the god’s names into the names of plants. Zeus was no longer Zeus he was now known as Jupiter, Poseidon was now Neptune and Hades was now Pluto.        Roman history did talk about these gods. The twin brothers who discovered RomeWhere descendants of the gods Mars the god of war(Roman Mythology).Theses Brothers then Found a city and fought to name it and that ended in the death of Remus. Mars was the god of war and held increasingly important status as the Roman Empire grew and found itself in a near constant state of conflict.(“Roman Mythology”) We learned that the roman gods came from the greeks and were mainly the same but the Romans did make a god of their own. This god name was Janus She was a god that was depicted to have two faces One young and one old. Janus was the gods of doors Gates beginnings and endings. In Rome itself, the doors of the temple of Janus were closed only during those rare occasions in which Rome was not at war. (“Roman Mythology”)Worshiping the gods were both public and private. One remarkable feature of Roman religion was that the priests—who were all males except for the Vestal Virgins.(“The Worship of the Roman Gods.”) There was four major college, there were the fifteen pontiffs, flamines  (priests),   the rex sacrorum (the king of sacred rites), and the six Vestal Virgins.(“The Worship of the Roman Gods.”)There were twelve minor flames and three important ones: the Flamen Dialis, the Flamen Martialis, and the Quirinalis, that is, the priests of Jupiter, Mars, and Quirinus, the ancient divine triad of Rome.(“The Worship of the Roman Gods.”)