Descriptive have to face it alone. In fact,

Criticism clearly and accurately as possible, tells what is happening in a
production. The production I chose was a movie that recently came out in late
October this year called Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day is about a college student, Tree Gelbman, who attends Bayfield
University. Tree Gelbman is a blonde, rude, self-centered female who cares only
about herself and is a part of a sorority. After a long day of hard-partying
and heavy drinking, Tree Gelbman wakes up on the morning of her birthday, May
18th, with a serious hangover in the dorm room of schoolmate Carter
Davis, who she can’t seem to remember. Carter Davis, an innocent brown curly
head guy, later becomes an important character in the movie, as he then helps
her with a problem so she doesn’t have to face it alone. In fact, the bond
between the two start to grow and they end up being attracted to each other at
the end of the movie. Anyways, as she continues her day, she is not aware that
everything that happens now or will happen during the course of the day, is a
twisted déjà vu that continuously repeats itself, until she is brutally
murdered on the same night of her birthday by an unknown masked madman. This
mask was actually representing “Groundhog Day” which was clever because there
was a game that night and mostly all the teens were wearing one. With every
resurrection that she gets, Tree gets closer and closer to identifying her
unknown killer, however, figuring out who or he she may be, always end up with
Tree’s death. And every painful death she encounters she starts to get weak and
fragile and if she doesn’t solve her murderer soon she will eventually never
wake up to see another day. During the course of the movie, it made it hard for
the audience to figure out who the actual killer was because they made the girl
into snob which no one really liked. She had jealous friends in her sorority
and people that knew her, that she would rudely treat. Leading to the end, she
believes that she has discovered her killer after watching a news report on TV
about a serial killer names Joseph Tombs, creepy old man, who is notorious for
going after young women. But he is actually pretending to be the real killer to
distract Tree from ever figuring out who the real killer is. However, she lives
to see another day and throughout the movie Tree begins to change. Before she
pursues her plan on murdering her killer she starts to become a better person
and even makes peace with her dad after being scared of talking to him. As the
day begins to end she successfully kills the old man but still ends up dying.
The reason for this was because the morning of her birthday, after rushing to
her sorority house, her so-called “friend”, Lori-who actually works at the
hospital, hands her a cupcake as a genuine gift which in reality is a treat for
her death. That same cupcake she ate the night before and realizes her roommate
was her killer. Which then leads to them fighting in their room, in which Lori
then dies after being thrown of the window unintentionally by Tree and Tree finally
gets to wake up in peace.

on, Prescriptive Criticism clearly and accurately adds in own critique and
suggestions of a production. The production I chose was Happy Death Day. I
honestly enjoyed this movie very much and there isn’t really much I can
critique on it. However, if I had to; I would suggest on providing more
information and background on each character and probably figure out why,
especially the main character, acted the way they did. Why is Tree so rude?
What happened to her mom? Or even provide information on what grade she’s in
and how did she join the sorority. Adding little information like this may help
the movie improve and help the audience have a better connection to the

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to the book, The Three Criteria for Criticism involve asking three questions as
a guide to arriving at judgements, criteria that will also aid the rest of us
to be better informed about a production we have seen and to better explain our
reactions to it. The first question is: What is being attempted? I believe the movie
“Happy Death Day” was a snappy
horror-comedy involving mystery and a gentle romantic spine. Meaning they
wanted to make the audience laugh but also frightened them in certain events in
the movie. Not only this but it also informed the audience about what could
happen at a university. The second question is: Have the intentions been
achieved? I believe so. Over all, I was really intrigued with the movie and how
relatable it was to teens who are actually attending a university. Some
individuals who are part of a sorority, or college students in general, are
rude and people at universities do go to parties and tend to get drunk and
wasted. But mainly, people who are rude always have bad things coming to them
especially if they don’t treat other respectfully because some people do have
feelings and some tend to react to it in dangerous ways. So this play didn’t
only make me laugh or frighten me, but it informed not only me but the audience
that we should always treat others how we want to be treated and always be
careful who you surround yourselves with. Last but not least, the last question
is: Was the attempt worthwhile? I honestly believe it was. I have never seen a
movie like this and it was really fun to watch. It succeeded in giving me
pleasure and providing entertainment and that is satisfying enough.

The 6 aspects of a play are really important
when creating any play or production. The first aspect of the play is “selecting
the specific subject for the play”, which in this case would be: A college
student reliving the day of her murder over and over on the day of her
birthday, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer’s
identity. The second aspect of a play is “determining the focus”, which would
be: Teresa Gelbman, the college student who relives her death, and her
experience on how she felt and what she had to go through. The third aspects of
a play is “establishing purpose” which in this case there could be a lot. This
movie’s purpose could be to simply thrill or frighten us, or make us laugh, or
to teach us a valuable lesson on why you should always be nice to other, or to
always be careful with who you surround yourselves, etc. This all depends on
who is watching the movie and how they feel it impacted them. For me, I believe
it was informing the audience to always be kind to one another. The fourth
dramatic structure is “Developing dramatic structure” which would deal with how
the movie begins, complications and obstacles, and crises and climaxes. For the
opening scene, the film opens as the bell tolls at Bayfield University on
Monday the 18th. Tree
Gelbman, a blonde female, wakes up with a serious hangover in the dorm room of
schoolmate Carter Davis, who she can’t seem to remember. When she wakes up she
receives a call from her father which she quickly ignores and ask Carter for
Tylenol and evacuates the room in disgust. An obstacle she faces is constantly
reliving her day at the college and not being able to find her killer. Complications
she had to face is being killed at different location in the movie without
warning, so she literally had to be careful at every place she went. The climax
of the movie begins when she finally discovers her killer and confronts her. Moving
on, the fifth aspect of a play is “Creating dramatic characters”: In this case
I will be using 3 characters to give examples of different types of characters
that are introduced in the movie. First off, the killer, who is later revealed
in the movie, is Lori Splenger. I would describe her as a character with a
dominant trait. The reason is because she is an angry and jealous person who
would kill someone over a guy who never seem to notice her because of her
friend, “Tree”. As for the second character, Tree, I would consider her as the
protagonist in the play. She is the main character in the movie and it involves
on her and how she is feeling through her experience. Last but not least, the
last character I am using is names Becky, a sorority sister, who I would consider
to be a minor character because she only has a few lines and only serves as a
foil to more important characters. The sixth aspect of a play is “Establishing
the point of view”. I would consider this movie a Tragicomedy because it is a
movie containing tragic themes but a happy ending. It also presents a comic or
ironic treatment of a serious theme, as stated in the book.

The three challenges of acting are the three
main challenges that actors face, such as: Making characters believable,
physical acting, and synthesis integration. When it comes to making a character
believable it takes a lot of practice and understanding of each character. Physical
acting takes a lot of physical practice with body movements and how you project
your voice, as well as how you use it. As for synthesis and integration, it
involves the actors the inner and outer emotions and feelings and the outer and
physical and vocal characteristics become one. However, I believe that the
characters did a well job on facing the three main challenges of acting.

Last but not least, there
are 4 specific design elements when it comes to creating a production, such as:
Costume, Lighting, Sound Designer and producer. The one I’m going to be giving
an example of is Costume designing. A costume designer basically creates a
costume for each character in a play to portray an image to the audience or differentiate
them from other characters. The first character I am using is the killer, Lori,
who wears a plain black sweater, black sweatpants, black shoes, and a ground
hog mask. Usually when people are about to commit a crime they wear full on
black to hide in the dark and be unnoticeable. She also wore a ground hog mask,
the reason I think this was such a great idea is because that same night a
football game was being held and many teens were wearing that same mask since
it was being sold on campus, making it harder for “Tree” to figure out her
killer was. For the second character, I am using Danielle Bouseman, a sorority
sister, who is wearing a yellow sports bra, black running pants paired with
running shoes to inform the audience she is going or probably coming back from
a run or from exercising. The last character I am using is Tree Gelbman, and
she is wearing a short v neck dress that is loose and white. The reason she is
wearing a dress is because she is going to a party and people usually wear
dresses to a special occasion. The reason I chose white is because it goes with
the character’s skin.