Darrow which were always stronger than the rest

Darrow is a Red (unskilled manual laborer conditioned to brutal environments), the lowest color on the future color-caste system who lives under the surface of Mars in a dystopian future. He works all day as a helldiver, someone who drills into the ground to collect helium-3, with no break. Darrow helldives to help ready Mars surface for the future of his kids and the other colors. Darrow will do anything to help better the future of his kids even if he has to wear a frysuit. “I smell my own stink inside my frysuit. It insulates me toe to head. Nothing gets in. Nothing gets out. Especially not the heat. Worst part is you can’t wipe the sweat from your eyes. Bloodydamn stings as it goes through the headbands to puddle at the heels. Not to mention the stink when you piss. Which you always do.” (3)  This quote is important because even though he doesn’t like wearing his frysuit he wants to help mankind.He thinks he is helping mankind,but the Reds are just helping the Golds (the highest color) terraform the rest of the solar system. To help mankind in the future, I want to join the Armed Forces so I can live knowing that I have worked hard to protect this country.Darrow sacrifices himself to help the greater good like when he risks his life going down the head of the drill to find a gas pocket that might explode and kill everyone in the mine when drilled. I would not risk my life like Darrow, but I would block a shot with any part of my body in soccer or I would take a hit just to have a chance to score in baseball and I would do anything to keep my family safe. As a helldiver, Darrow needs strong, lightning fast hands. “Even my hands, which were always stronger than the rest of me, grow more powerful in the concentration machine.” (92) Unlike Darrow I use my strong, lightning fast hands to play steal and shoot the ball in basketball or to turn a double play in baseball. When Darrow gets foods he eats it all, unlike his wife Eo who shares her food. “I eat too much because I’m sixteen and still growing tall; Eo lies and says she’s never got much of an appetite”.(8) I eat a lot too because I am still growing and I love food. In my family I eat as much as my mom and my sister together.Like Darrow,I hate to admit I am wrong. “My uncle was right. I was wrong, But I’ll be damned if I ever let him know it”.(10) Whenever I am wrong, I try making points to prove that I am right, but if I know I can’t make any point, I just stay quiet.Darrow is unlike the other Reds, he works hard as a helldiver because he thinks he is making Mars livable for his children even though Mars was already terraformed. Darrow takes the chance to help all the Reds live a better life. Darrow lives his life  proud, carefree, and with determination. He tries to help mankind when he turns into a Gold to take them out from the inside. He had to sacrifice his body to help Reds to help show that the Reds can be just as good as Golds.