Damage Internal- Threats of damage that is internal



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Threats of damage that is internal can range from human
error to theft, there are many treats when using a computer system as not
everyone who uses said system knows how to stay safe or how to handle them
correctly. When I say internal threats, I mean a threat that happens from the
inside of the business, a good example would be someone spilling a drink of the
computer as it will damage the computer and will not be able to be used.  However, there are many other threats to be
aware of.



When saying a threat is external it means the threat that
happens from outside the business, the most common type of external damaging is
hacking, Hackers will use a computer outside the company as they may be caught
and once they get past security then they can continue to steal information,
this will impact the business in question as they may have incorrect
information as well as loosing private information.



A virus is a attack that a hacker can use install on to a
computer, if a computer has a virus then the computer system will encounter
errors and problems. An example would be would be a loss in data as well as the
computer not being able to work. A virus comes under malware as it can damage
the computer as well as gain private information on the user.


Phishing, piggybacking, hacking and ID theft-

Phishing is when the hacker misrepresents to be a well know
company of person to gain the users information, an example would be a fake
Facebook website as this will gain their log in.

Piggybacking is when the hacker can use a wireless
connection to connect to another’s wi-fi, they can then use this freely as well
as being able to do so without their knowledge.

Hacking is when someone uses a computer to gain access to a
different computer without being given access, this is typically done to gain
information on said computer.

Identity theft although does not damage the computer does
however damage the user, this is done by gain information on a computer and a
hacker uses this information pretending to be the user to get access to more
information or money.



Related to E-commerce


Website threats-

When a business has an online website, hackers can gain
access to the website and there they can “deface” the webpage, this mean
changing text, images or links, these links can lead to other sites when the
hacker can gain private information on the user. The impact this will have on
the business is loss of customer confidence as it will show them to have weak
security which will result in loss of sales.


Third party risks-

Third party suppliers are where a website will employ
another company to maintain their website because they can’t do it. This means
that the third party will have access to the website meaning that they may be
able to see user names and passwords. The business will not want third party
members to have said information as they would then be able to use this
information to gain access to data they should not.




If some of
these threats happen to the website, it will have a big impact on the website
itself. An impact on the business, is that they may have loss of service. Loss
of service means that no one will be able to use their website as there is no
service meaning that the users will not be able to view what is on the website
as they will not be able to access it. It is not just the users who will not be
able to access it, but the staff as well, meaning that they will not be able to
update the information on the website until they can access it again.


Loss of

If some of these threats happen to the
website, it will have a big impact on the website itself, for example there
could be loss of business. The impact that this will have on the business, is
that there would be loss of business because if they have a virus on their
system, then it may cause them to lose all of their customers records meaning
that they will lose business as their customers will have to create a new
account with them and then fill in all of their details again however they might
not want to give their details again as the website have lost them once and may
lose them again so the users may not trust the website.


Increased cost-

If some of these threats happen to the
website, it will have a big impact on the website itself, for example there may
be increased costs. There will be increased costs because if they have loss of
service, then they will be losing business and if they have lost their
customer’s records, then they would lose money so to make up for the money that
they lost, they will have to increase their prices so they can also afford to
buy better anti-virus software and more protection on their system, to make
sure that they are well protected and none of these threats happen to them