Cyber be in touch with others from different

Cyber Communities/Profiles

The Internet provides a place for cybercriminals to exist
and flourish. The communities may be seen as subcultures. But in reality, the Subcultures are a cohesive
cultural system that varies in form from a dominant culture (Pontell, Gilbert,
Brown, International Journal, 2007). The subculture will maintain its own
values, beliefs, and traditions that differ from any other culture (Pontell,
Gilbert, Brown, International Journal, 2007). However; some of the cultures
they may endure will be based on ethnic groups, delinquent gangs, or religious
beliefs. This will function as the place where the criminal activity is reinforced
and encouraged. It will also provide an
opportunity for transmittal of knowledge from other sources so that the illegal
act will be more effective and legit (Pontell, Gilbert, Brown, International
Journal, 2007).

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The individuals participating in this childish act will
learn new techniques for performing his or her behavior as well as how to handle potential issues such as
dealing with an outsider or medical
services (Pontell, Gilbert, Brown, International Journal, 2007).  Within that community, they will share
knowledge that will take place on the level playing field within the site. That
is, in most communities, will be where the individuals are alienated, rebuked,
or excluded based on age, race, sex, marital status, ethnicity, or
socioeconomic status from there sub-cultured world (Pontell, Gilbert, Brown,
International Journal, 2007). On some of the sites,
all that is required to join is a computer, an internet connection, and the individuals will be able to participate in any
conversation. However; if you have all the qualities the cyber community is
looking for, then they will provide you with the opportunity to be in touch
with others from different geographical locations as well as the ones in the
same potential area (Pontell, Gilbert, Brown, International Journal, 2007).
Once they have all they need to act on a particular threat they will do so in a
cognitive way leading us to think something like that could never happen.


When we see terrorism we tend to think of things like bombings
or physical actions taken towards other people. We usually don’t think about
how the internet can be the main cause of their interaction. Cyber terrorism is
one of the largest points of attack in America, simply because people don’t
think of their computers as a device that can physically harm someone (Wiemann,
2004). Initially, we see it as taking care of sensitive information that the
government thinks are valuable resources to national security or to the public (Wiemann,2004).
Cyber Terrorism is a more popular form of
a terrorist because they do not have to use
guns or bombs to construct violence. The problems are that an attack on computer technology can cause a great deal of
damage to not only national security but also to us. For example, hacking into
a job hospital computer system and changing someone’s medicine prescription to
a lethal dosage as an act of revenge. Cyber terrorism
is defined as the abuse of computer technology to destroy personal or
business information with the intent to harass someone (Wiemann, 2004).
However, the Government officials consider hackers to be cyber terrorists who cause pointless acts of destruction (Wiemann,
2004). In my opinion, I do not completely agree with that because most hackers
are more like kids wanting to play a joke
on their teacher because it gives them a sense of power over the teacher. However;
they do not wish to destroy but to let
them know that they were there and not a figure you could ignore.