Customer website and online store where they can

Customer interactions and
transaction both physical and digital perspective required by the K-Tec target
operating model.

perspective: Collect information to know about the
customer like who the customer is such as

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Credit rating

Contract information

Where he or she lives

How much he or she spend in a month

To understand the
specific need of individual customer. K-Tec have to create a profile about
customer that helps to serve the individual customer according to the way he or
she want like what are the preferences, what the bought past, what they tried
and what they did not tried, what they like and what they did not like.



Now a day’s maximum
customers are connected with internet companies have changed their focus on
what they are selling and who they are selling. On the other hand, in the
digital world K-Tec have a website and online store where they can track
customers browsing activity when they login their account. What is about
customers interest, what they looked at, do they buy different things from
online and so on. Need to do following things

On-line store browsing

On-line store purchase

Augmented Reality Dressing Room

Social media

relationship management (CRM): According to Greenberg customer
relationship management (CRM) is a total framework that gives a methods and
strategy to improve the experience of the individual clients with the goal that
they will remain clients forever, gives both technological and functional
methods for recognizing, capturing, and retaining clients, and finally gives a
unified perspective of the customer across an enterprise. Every business have
some goal like ‘retaining loyal customers and utilizing whatever means possible
to acquire new customers’. CRM as a business philosophy and a practical
customer service management set of applications can be characterized as

CRM is strategic tool: To increase
profitability, enhance the marketing plan, expand competitiveness CRM is used
as a strategic tool. CRM deals with marketing, sales, service and supporting
technologies that mainly concentrate on managing customer relationships.

CRM focus on facilitating the customer
service process: Management considers the factors that bring the value to the
customers. To facilitate the customers process, CRM is highly focused on. Often
success depends on the availability of analytical tools that provide the
following factors like comprehensive, cohesive and centralized portrait of the

CRM focus on optimizing the customer
experience: Since the main objective of CRM is to own the customer experience.
CRM provide customized product and service to the customer that impact
customers purchasing practice in a positive way that they can feel they are
communicating with the supplier conveniently.

CRM provides a window into the customer:
An active CRM structure provide all kinds of service that impact customer experience
like what that purchaser cost the maximum, and how they could make sure the
customer has a high-quality shopping for experience each and on every occasion.

CRM assists suppliers to measure customer
profitability: Organization can make different segments for their customer
which will be based on customers profile in an effective and efficient CRM to
measure customer profitability.

CRM is about partnership management: CRM
helps to understand the basic need, want and demand of individual customer and
provide customized service to address the common issues of physical product and
service that can create mutual benefit and long-term relationship.

CRM is a major facilitator of supply chain
collaboration: Organization can establish integrated commutation, structured
service procedure to meet and satisfy the individual customer through the
supply chain network and can build a collaboration and sustainable relation for
a long period of time.


technology to CRM:

CRM divided into three
main major function such as marketing, sales and service. Marketing include
branding, identify new customer, seasoning offerings, advertising and pricing.
Sales include sales, distribution, products and services. Firm is able to understand
about the customer and also the current demand and can make a profitable
relationship through the technology.


CRM and Internet Sales: At present
internet based functions opens various opportunities for selling products and
making business digitally. Chaffey defines “e-CRM” that express it as “using
digital communications technologies to maximize sales to existing customers and
encourage continued usage of online services”. As indicated by Poirier and
Bauer, the part of the sells drive in some e-business surroundings takes
significance by following functions:


inform updated information about product and services.

on customer habits by exploration of personalization and mass customization

get highest responds to the customers needs it coordinates company resources
and linkup channel resources with customer demand requirements

have customer satisfaction each and every time it manages multichannel customer
experiences to mixed up with different medic.

highest quality of online service that customer feel happy and repurchase


Selling products directly
to the customer through the internet that empower the organization in a good
way and organizations will have the capacity to enhance viability and better
use resources. As indicated by Sawhney and Zabin, “technology-enabled selling
will be used increasingly to synchronize and integrate all selling channels
used by the enterprise, including, tele sales, the Net, resellers, and the
direct sales force, through the use of a common customer relationship
repository, a common applications infrastructure, and a shared business

Technology creates new
entrance for the customer for better service like find out vendors, product
collection, various promotion and so on and also customer and supplier can
communicate each other easily. Company can use portal for their customer that
they can segment their customer and can serve various purposes. Now a day’s
various application are available in online for sales and services that company
can use to serve their purposes. Some of these are online catalogs, online
order processing, online order configurability, lead capture and profaning,
online survey, e-mail marketing. The ultimate goal is to improvement of group
of customers who purchase from online.

Sales Force Automation
(SFA): Now a day’s business method SFA act as foundation of
sales that use to collect and analyze customer information to retain customer,
acquisition and enhance relationships and revenues. Moreover, company can
manage customer portal, create new customer profile, forecast , pricings,
manage sales data base and real time information about customer through SFA.
According to Dyche, the mission of SFA “was to put account information directly
in the hands of field sales staff, making them responsible for it, and
ultimately rendering them (and the rest of the company) more profitable. SFA
contains various programming merchants and contending products, here is some
functionality which are as follows.

Contract management: The fundamental
capacity of the product is to empower the organization and administration of
prospect and client information such as name, address, contract information,
identification and so on. According to Dyche, “The real value of contact
management CRM is in its capability to track not only where customers are but
also who they are in terms of their influence and decision-making clout.”

Account Management: Managers are
responsible for managing the individuals account which are designed to provide
information about customer in detail and activity of sales as well.

Sales Process/Activity Management: Sales
process is like a road map that serve sales activity management in every step
that comprise sales cycle and define set of activity of each sale.

Opportunity Management: it is also known
ass pipeline management that converts leads to sales. Generally, toolsets
detail specific opportunity, organization involved, allocated sales team,
income ratings and proposed rating dates. A few applications accommodate the
computerized circulation of prompts of sales, who the opposition, advantages
and disadvantages, products and services.

Quotation Management: Managing complex
order, product configuration and pricing SFA assist quotation management. After
completed the order it sent to the administration for legal authorization,
inventory and availability check through e-mail.

Knowledge management: Frequently knowledge
management frameworks, these applications can go about as a store for all types
of data that can be effortlessly added to and referenced through online functions
for example, Lotus Notes or Web-based programs.