Culture Research Paper

My home country, Nigeria is a country of two religions Christianity and Islam. Christianity is divided into different groups, so Nigeria practices pre-dominantly Christianity. I am a Catholic, so the way my church operates might be different from other churches in Nigeria. The rules of my church are mostly based on what the Pope and the history of the church says. Also some of the cultures in Nigeria play a part in the way my church operates. I say all these things so one can have a better understanding of my point of view. My point of view does not capture the whole picture for all the churches in Nigeria. It only captures the picture of all Catholic Churches in Nigeria.

Businesses in Nigeria are usually Profit-making organizations. There are few Non-Profit Organizations in Nigeria. My Church acts as a Non-Profit organization. It works as a Charity Organization. They believe in giving to the poor and visiting those who are sick and in the prison. Nigeria practices a mixed economy consisting of capitalism and socialism. The businesses in Nigeria both private and government owned follow the regulations of the federal government. Churches also follow this regulations. In my church, they pay Tax to the government. Even though it is a church, they are involve+d in lots of projects ranging from building schools to giving scholarships to students to helping the needy and the poor. The Catholic Church runs more like a charity Organization than a business like organization.

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The Catholic churches in Nigeria emphasizes a lot about family structure. The family structure in Nigeria varies. In Christianity as a whole in Nigeria, a man must only marry one woman and it is seen a taboo for a divorce to take place, even though it still takes place. In my church, there is some emphasis laid in the family structure. For instance, when one wants to get married in the church, one must get sponsors (like God-parents for marriage), people that you look up …