Country Overview – Mexico


Mexico is a very diverse country who tends to have more and more importance in the economic world. Indeed, the country is not only known for its oil resources but also for the development of electronic companies and car manufacturers. For example, Mexico “manufactures and exports the same amount of goods as the rest of Latin America combined.” (‘Mexico Economy: Facts, opportunities, challenges’ As a result, Mexico becomes more and more attractive for foreign investors. who want to do business in Mexico. However, their first step will be to know how to deal with Mexican businessmen and businesswomen. We chose this country because of its economic background but also because its first language is not English and it is an honor culture contrary to what we know best: the dignity culture of the United States and Europe. We were very interested in embracing the difficulties we could have to negotiate with someone from the dignity culture and the Mexico Venture negotiation exercise reinforced our curiosity. Our paper has two main goals. The first one is to understand the culture in Mexico through Mexican traditions, values, and laws and understand how this culture impact the way Mexicans are doing business. The second goal of our paper is to understand how to react to the Mexican way of doing business without hurting their culture. In order to make it clear and simple, we will use a timeline organization: before, during and after the negotiation.

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I. Culture in Mexico

Primarily, it is important to mention that business in Mexico is strongly influenced by the culture, traditions, mentality and also regulations in the country. Therefore, we need first to develop these points to understand how to negotiate with Mexican people.

1.1 Cultural Background and Traditions

First, religion has a huge importance in the Mexican society. The main religion represented in the country is the Catholic religion. In fact, 83% of …