Country Overview – Haiti

Haiti is a small country that is located on the western area of an island by the name ofHispaniola and itis also west of the Dominican Republic. It is quite smaller than the United States state of Maryland and is two-thirds mountainous. The other part of the country is made of valleys, plateaus, and plains. Haiti’s climate is mostly tropical but it is also semiarid which means it receives very little rain, in the east, where its mountain areas block the trade winds. Haiti is nearly completely denuded of trees withonly 2% of its original forest cover still there.

The typical life of a farming family in Haiti is made up on a tiny patch of land fewer than two acres in size, which was probably part of a plantation where their ancestors were slaves. Some even farm on the mountainside and have to tie themselves to the mountains to keep from falling off. Most of them live in small, one-room huts that have a thatch roof made of sticks covered with dried mud. Since the literacy rate is so low, their average per head, income is about $480 equivalent to United States dollars per year compared to the current United States standard of $33,550 dollars per head. If you’re comparing: the United States has a 99 percent literacy rate. Due to a low income, few have access to healthcare. Not being able to knowhow to use a tool properly or read simple things such as feed sacks can be a serious issue to the illiterate

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If and when a storm hits landslides almost constantly occur. The topsoil has few tree roots binding it together and holding it in place. It is not just a lot of excessive rain combined with poor forest cover that causes problems for the population, it is the unpredictability of the rains. Some areas near the far north west of Haiti have been experiencing untimely droughts in the last few years, which causes the pastures to dry up and that means the crops will fail. Haiti is exposed to a direct impact of climate change, particularly…