Country Overview – Belgium

In Belgium, there isn’t a lot of types of food they can’t get their hands on.They can get just about everything without much effort.Western Europe is very much a food filled area, as in there are a lot of special restaurants, specialized corners in supermarkets, etc.I asked about prices of food as well, but my friend said it was rarely an issue.They do have some food that they eat on special occasions.They eat croquettes which are a roll with mashed potatoes on the inside, and they eat that for festive meals there.You will rarely see people eating that with an everyday meal.Most people like them very much, but won’t eat it more than twice a year.Another thing that is special to eat is ice lamb.This is something they only ever eat twice in their life, once at first communion and the other at second communion.He says it is one of the only Christian traditions that has survived the big atheism wave of the past decades.

The role of the elderly is an interesting one.There are very few countries in the world where people stop working earlier than they do in Belgium.The average person there retires at around 59 years old, which is ridiculously young.Unions are way too strong there, plus they have been governed by socialists for decades.In result, they have tens of thousands of young 60 year olds that are in perfect health, and are very active with hobbies and ultimately enjoying life.As of lately, a lot of them take care of their grand children saving their children hundreds of Euro’s every month they’d otherwise have to pay the daycare center.However, this is not necessarily a good thing.Europe has a big problem coming with the “gray wave.”There are a lot more 45-60 year old than there are 30-45 year olds, which will become a problem in about 10 or 20 years.When the 50 year old group retires, a lot of countries will have bad budget deficits.Europe has seen this problem for 10+ years, but …

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