Content right time has been a troublesome job.

Content Writer: Some wishes to be writer but they like to take huge
risks so they host their content over some well-established platforms. There
are two ways to be a professional content writer

1. Register oneself on some freelancing
site which acts as intermediate between writer and websites e.g.  Up work, freelancer.

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2. Directly go the site where you
want to host the content and contact them. If they need a writer they will hire
you and post your content.

 By being a content writer you avoid the risk
of being ignored and it also enables to achieve a  to have a good quantity of viewers. Most of
these content writer likes the topic of current affairs, as it is most
favourite to the audiences. Another major advantage of being a content writer
is that writer neither have to worry about SEOs and marketing the post to the

Generally these platforms have
separate departments for editing the post, marketing the content and generating
revenue by most optimised techniques. So this makes the writer free of risk and

Product Review Blog:

The competition in product based
industries has increased with the industrialisation Since inception selling the
product to the right customer at the right time has been a troublesome job. The
case is similar with the customers who have to make right choices among top
niche brands which are alike in most aspects.

Some people are crazy about
reading the books which are just released in the market while for some other
the crazy is in newly launched products (Smartphones, laptops, electronic
products, softwares, automobiles, games, puzzles, toys etc.). Whether it is
books or any other products you can set up a blog entirely on the reviewing the
newbies. The primary motive of such bloggers is to attract those customers who
are interested in buying those products and they just need some honest reviews.
So these blogger generally fill up their blogs with high quality SEOs and
provides the users affiliate link the online shopping sites for the same
product they reviewed. Some illustrations of SEO: Which is better Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X?

In doing so they persuade some of
the customers to buy the products via their affiliates. Thus the blogger get a
commission for each product he sells. Most of these sites gives affiliate for,, and