City Summary: Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is one of the three Scandinavian nations with Norway to the west and Finland to the east. Sweden’s capital city is Stockholm and is also its largest city. “Sweden’s capital city had been founded in the thirteenth century on a small island in the channel linking the country’s extensive natural waterway system with the Baltic” (Reader 276). The centerpiece of the Swedish economy, Stockholm is not only the largest city in the country, it is the largest in Scandinavia. Its location has always driven its development. The city’s main activity was trade and this is because of the water. Stockholm lies between two water ways Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. Sweden has a current population of 9,585,407. “As of January first 2016, the population of Sweden was estimated to be 9,581,593 people. This is an increase of 0.16 % (15 593 people) compared to a population of 9,566,000 the year before” (Sweden Population). Sweden’s official language is Swedish. Most Swedes can also speak English and there are five official minority languages: Finnish, Meankieli (Trone Valley Finnish), Sami languages, Yiddish and Romani.

As the “Green Capital of the World,” Stockholm has a unique take on what a city can and should be. Stockholmer’s can give an ecological lesson to the rest of the world. Stockholm is a city of ideas, it is constantly finding solutions to the challenges everyday life. Everything is organized to make life easier. Stockholm is a green and clean city. Green city means a city that develops many options of alternative transportation while being environmentally friendly. Instead of using cars and buses, locals are able to walk to places, ride bikes and take boats. “Efficient traffic control, wide streets planted with trees, and a large number of parks were deemed essential remedies against all the wretched consequences in our towns”(Reader 276). In Stockholm Hammerby Sjostad is an urban district influenced by enviro…

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