China’s Democracy

Democracy has been in America and many other European countries for centuries, but there were other countries whose governments have been different from rest of the world. Such as North Korea’s dictatorship, and China’s communism. Many countries in the world have once been dictatorial or communist countries, but protests have sometimes threatened to collapse those government. For an example, Russia was a communist country until December 26, 1991 in which Russia got separated into 12 independent states. There were many other revolutionary changes around the world; some of them succeeded while the others lost. China has been in a great struggle for centuries, from imperialism to nationalism, and from nationalists to communism. The recent protests in Hong Kong and Tian An Men square incident have demonstrated to the world that many Chinese people desire a more democratic nation.

Many scholars in China has been trying to revolutionize Chinese people’s attitude about their own government, but that was only temporarily before the secret agencies of the communist party eradicated those scholars and censored their publications. Some of these scholars had influenced many open-minded college students in China over the past years. Many undergraduates started to think more critically toward the Chinese government, and many of them realized that China is not planning on promoting any democracy at all. This skepticism was the primary motivation behind the Tian An Men Square Protest. “Give us democracy!” Said one of the college students while protesting relentless. After three weeks, the government directed soldiers to use armored tanks and sub-machine guns to crack down on the riot. Casualties and death reached hundreds, and many of the victims are only 18 years old. ”I deeply deplore the decision to use force against peaceful demonstrators,” said President Bush in America. After the Tian An Men square incident more people in China starte…

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