Childhood Obesity

If there is going to be change than it is parental behavior hat will need to change The only people who can change the eating patterns of children are parents. To counteract this affect children need guidance from their parents. Is it appropriate to allow adolescence the authority to prepare or choose the foods they desire? NO if they have not been inform and taught what is good to eat and what is a balance meal. Yes if the parent has spent time with them to train them how to prepare a meal and taught them the importance Of choosing the right food to maintaining a healthy diet.

Some parents feel that making sure there is DOD in the house and the child is mature enough to prepare a meal they are able to prepare food for themselves. Some parents are single parents and working is mandatory in order to provide shelter, clothing, and food. These parents purchase quick food for their children such as; high sugar juices, frozen pizzas, franks, bologna, package ham, twinkles, cookies, and other high sugar, salt, and starchy items. Just as a child watch television invite them to watch you prepare a healthy meal.

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Take them grocery shopping to show them how to select fresh vegetables, and fruits, The same sources that entertain the children should be versed to edit them. I am in total disagreement to a parent allowing a child access to any foods without supervision and not giving them the understanding of the importance of making healthy choices in eating. As a single parent in my household when know that I will be late coming home make sure that my sixteen year old daughter have fresh fruit, 100% juice, high fiber bars, and cooked and fresh vegetables to eat.

When it comes to eating meat encourage her to eat baked or grill chicken, fish, and turkey meat. As parents we need to limit starchy foods in the child’s diet. Pried foods must be slowly taken out of the diet. Overweight and obesity has significant lifelong consequences on the health and well being Of children. According to Daniel (2006). As a parent Of an obese child we sometime lose the importance of educating our children on healthy eating or we get to occupied With the demands Of work to encourage healthy eating habits to our children. ‘Yelp Cure Child Obesity,” Rouse J. (2011) stated, “Parents are under a lot Of societal pressure to deal With their children weight issues”. Parents are so busy providing for the family they become out of touch with audience in preparing and teaching the children about healthy eating and the importance of adequate physical activity. As parents we must take control to bring about change by organizing our time to apply preventatives in the lifestyle of the child Around the world there are many households where the children are unsupervised for hours without guidance and discipline in choosing the foods they consume in the absence Of the parents.

We are responsible for keeping our children healthy as parents. Choosing to eat healthy when left along must be taught. Once exposed to the importance Of healthy eating the child begin to evolve a consciousness of high sugar, salty, and starchy foods. Parents must take a proactive approach in combining fitness counseling, dieting; and proper nutrition for their children. Some parents do not grasp the importance of the dangers that is placed on the children when they neglect to inform them of healthy eating.

As parents we are held responsible in applying healthy eating habits to prevent our children from developing obesity which can cause short life spans. Due to the lack of knowledge and the evangelism demand of working parents the children are falling short of parental guidance. Should a parent lose custody of a child because the child is obese? Only if the parent has contributed to the child being severely obese and he/she has severe medical health problem due to the parent’s negligence. “A Call For parents To Lose Custody,” Ludwig & Mortgage L. (2011) emphasized, “In severe instances of childhood obesity, removal from the home maybe justified, from a legal standpoint, because of imminent health risks and the parents chronic failure to address medical problems. ” Before getting to severe obesity feel we should be taught as parents the preventatives on childhood obesity to help control this epidemic. Separating the children from their biological parents and placing them in foster homes where a lot of these children are neglected by foster parents I do not feel is the solution.

I disagree with the parent that feels that they are not to be held responsible for the outcome of their children penlight problems. Unless these children are diagnosed With a genetic disorder such as: Barded- Bided, Parade-Will, Albright Hereditary ,Allegros Syndrome. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011). Without understanding the dangers Of obesity it causes the children different lifestyle changes. Some of the uncomfortable lifestyle is dealing with their peers making game of their weight, high cholesterol, hypertension. Expiratory ailments, orthopedic problems, depressions and type II diabetes. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (2004), As a child’s mentor we can influence prevention through sharing information or misunderstood topics, Parents have a responsible in making sure that their children are healthy. According to BBC News (2011). Prevention and education is the key to battling childhood obesity once the knowledge is there, Lifestyle changes can be implemented. Obesity has reached epidemic proportion around the world, not only among adults, but in children and adolescents as well.

Every parent instills in their children what is important to them. We must believe that healthy eating is important, As parents we must see the pain that our children go through because of our denial, neglect, or tradition how mommy prepare foods for us growing up When we were young we spent hours outside playing in the neighborhood. Children today do not like to play outside they have technology now (the TV, I-pod, and video game). It has been projected that children born today will live shorter lives than their parents and grandparents because of the obesity epidemic.

According to Kelley: The Poisoning of Our Children (2012). In order to prevent obesity, positive habits must be introduced early, even as soon as infancy. The establishment Off healthy life begins the day a child is born. Parents Strategies and Solutions As parents we are responsible for helping and teaching our children in their formative years as well as being role models setting positive examples for them. As parents we must Stop ignoring our responsibility to our children to keep them healthy.

Parents must focus on three strategies to preventing childhood obesity; healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, and reduced sedentary activity. According to the Dietary Guidelines (2010). When focusing on these three areas we began counteracting the effects of obesity. Giving solutions to these effects we began by encouraging breast feeding to mothers with newborns, We must concentrate on healthier foods for our children. By taking the child grocery shopping we help to teach them how to choose healthier foods, To assisting the schools parents pack healthier lunches.

Children are the best advertisement tort heir peers, It is not healthy to give foods as a reward to children. Instead of rewards enforce family outing to a park, trip to a variety apple orchid and explain the nutrition of the apple, using pedometer to encourage walking, which will increase their desire to walk. Children love using gadgets. Involve the entire family in eating healthy and physical activities. As parents we must not make the obese child feel uncomfortable by preparing separate meals insist that the whole family support healthy eating.

When jogging, riding bikes at the park the entire family get involve in being active physically. Limit the amount of sedentary time. The time the child is watching television, listening to music, playing video games, redirect that time to outside activities. Maybe planting flowers, mowing the lawn, outside painting, walking the pet, or playing volleyball in the backyard. Ensure that the child maintain healthy sleep, rest, and relaxation patterns. Parents allow their children to sit up late at night and watch television.

Sitting up late watching television can cause snacking late at night. Exclusively targeting the parents in interventions can lead to weight loss in obese children. According to Gallon M. , Kaufman V. Sahara DRP. (2006). Parents serve as both a source of authority and a role model for their children. As parent we must encourage our children to make wiser decisions about food. Over half of the child’s day is spent at home with the parent; seven to eight hours are spent at school or in daycare where they are in the presence of friends and teachers.

It parents monitor their children of the importance of eating healthy at home when in the presence of friends and at school/daycare they will continue to be conscious Ottawa has been taught at home. When the children see their parents supporting programs that has been set in lace at the schools it encourage the child to participate and be active as well. The schools can use the support of family involvement because children rely on parents to purchase and provide healthful foods. Parents attending Parent Meeting at the schools should suggest alternative fund raising activities that do not involve the sale of candy, cookies, and cake.

Getting the child involve in starting a no junk food day in their school with permission of the principle, will help encourage healthy eating and in doing this there is opportunity to start a no junk food at all in the school. Tanner L, (2012) stated “Children in the study aimed less weight from fifth through eighth grades if they lived in states with strong consistent laws versus no laws governing snacks available in schools. ” As parents we must understand that the provision of knowledge does not necessarily translate into behavior change.

As the child’s mentor informing them about the importance of daily physical activity and healthy eating behaviors does not mean they Will adopt these behaviors. But it gives them choices that they did not have before. In the process we develop an understanding of obesity and the Limited States growing toward decreasing the obesity epidemic among our children. This educational experience will turn out to be a no loose experience. Everyone participating benefits in knowledge and health on childhood obesity and their role to prevent this epidemic. Childhood obesity must be fixed before it gets worse.

The trajectory of overweight from infancy to childhood was made clear by the recent finding that rapid weight gain in the first four months of life is associated with increase risk to overweight at 7 years old. According to Settler, Camel, Kayaking, & Stallings (2002), Parents are the only ones other than daycare and schools that has a major impact on infant or 7 years old having the sis of obesity but this prevention starts with the parent, We can make a difference if we would collect as much resources as possible to prevent unhealthy children later becoming unhealthy adults in the United States.

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