CE3.3.1 heads, visiting sites and scrutinizing data to

CE3.3.1 I was appointed as Opex manager along with three subordinates as assistant manager by Opex department head to perform Operational excellence program for WET business. I started this assignment by deep diving and taking knowledge of the business operation, function, types of projects executed, the number of projects in the pipeline, analyzing profit and loss statement, stakeholders involved, roles and responsibilities and Key result areas of the stakeholders. I started this program by meeting top management, functional heads, visiting sites and scrutinizing data to identify their pain areas. Later, I organized kickoff meeting and invited key stakeholders to board and highlighted improvement areas. I noted their views and framed the project objective, finalised the initiatives, raised resource support for Opex program, showcased budget, and benefits expectation from Opex program. I started this assignment by reviewing design department manpower strength, process, and time taken to complete one project drawing. I observed, the design team was using Auto Cad software to prepare engineering designs and also noted the man-hours spent to make one A0 & A1 sheet drawings. I also reviewed the existing design tracker, where a number of revisions or modifications and comments from the client was more than four times per drawing. Below are the list of drawings to be prepared for one pilot project site:

·         Basic engineering package design and layout drawing

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·         Hydraulic / process flow diagram – Based on hydraulic calculations

·         Pipe & Instrumentation (P&ID) design

·         General arrangement (GA) drawings

·         Civil structures drawings

·         MEP drawings

·         Electronic and instrumentation (E&I) drawings

·         Overall pipe layout drawing

·         Pipe sectional drawings

I noticed that one of the main reason behind numerous drawing revisions/modifications with increased man-hours was the older practice of using AutoCAD designing platform. I researched about BIM software from Trimble and invited the vendor to gather more information on the product, also asked vendor to perform demonstration and conduct workshop, listed merits and demerits and prepared demonstration summary report and shared with top management for releasing of CapEx to procure and implemented new software called Building information modelling (BIM). Subsequently, all the designs for the project made in BIM 3D.

CE3.3.2 I designed Opex work plan by envisioning a 3-phase program journey for the Water & Effluent Treatment business

Phase 1- Problem identification & diagnostics – 7 weeks

Phase 2 – Pilot initiatives implementation – 16 – 24weeks

Phase 3 – Full-fledged roll out (Cascading) – 10-15 weeks

•      In phase 1 –

a.       Understanding of the business process, operations, and financials:

b.      Conducting Idea Generation workshop:

I performed regular site visits to understand site-level challenges and to comprehend “Voice of Customer”. I executed data analysis with identification of sources on competitive intelligence and collection of preliminary inputs and organized idea generation workshop.

c.       Prioritization of issues and focus action areas:

I prioritized issues raised in the workshop by validating key stakeholders for identifying problem areas. I participated in focused group discussions to finalize few projects for pilot implementation.

d.      Baseline, Targets, Way Forwards:

I identified parameters for current baseline and proposed improvement targets with the effective planning of way ahead.

Phase 2:

I initiated pilot project sites, centralized functions, workshops, standardized plans for major job types, and redesigned review mechanism. I formulated training material and handholding with benefit trackers and planning for full-fledged roll-out.

Phase 3 :

I trained various project teams in standard plans and review mechanism.


Before starting off with execution plan, I formed a team of motivated, energetic, good intellectual and techno-commercial knowledge. I recruited 1 manpower from outside for WET business OPEX program. I prepared OPEX program with entire project expense budget estimates and submitted to WET top management for approval. Also, I requested WET top management to allocate seating arrangement at different project location sites.

CE3.3.3 WET top management allotted pilot project sites. I and my team prepared front-end planning by reviewing pilot project data, project contract documents, management mandate and following the guidelines of the Opex department head. I took into account various parameters for OPEX program budget. I used my financial skills to estimate budget for the:

·         Diagnostics phase

·         Implementation & cascade Phase

·         Project benefits from Opex program

CE3.3.4 I created the scorecard and linked it to the performance rating of L&T site engineer and subcontractor. I made sure that HSE officer was deployed to each project site to maintain safety as per OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001: 2015. I created safety progress mentoring tool in L&T EIP database with help of IT support and reported the number of safe hours, number of NCR given and closed by the project team, remarks and photo section available. HSE officer was given free hand to upload the photo on a daily basis if safety violated and the same can be seen to Business unit head level.

CE3.3.5 I identified KPI after thorough business process study interviewed and took consensus with top management of the water & effluent treatment business. I discussed with OPEX department head and finally aligned with WET business KPI. I prepared risk register and created heat map dashboard to visualize the high impact risk based on severity scores. I also created improvised risk review management, Risk Dashboard matrix, and risk map. I followed the in-house built system as Work management system (WMS), Project Resource Management, and Lean concept.

CE3.3.6 I completed Certification of Gemba kaizen, value engineering (VM) certification, Total productive maintenance (TPM) certification and attended concrete forum workshop, and technology conclave. I followed Indian Standard codes for concrete (IS 456:2000), water retaining, Pipes & valves ASME / BIS code and OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015. I took help of industry experts, company R&D team, colleagues, internet, and vendors for proper workflow.