Case the Brick and Mortar retailers have a

Case Study
Analysis: “Can You Win Back Online Shoppers?”

Sampriti Agarwal (1727357)

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Problem Statement:

The problem of this case is that the Brick and Mortar
retailers have a difference in sale that cannot match the sale that happen
online. The customers walk into the stores, compare the prices then have look,
feel the product and then make a purchase from online competitors. The same
happened with Benjy’s supermarket store wherein customers walk into the
showroom, look for the product and buy the product from Amazon or any other
online app, as they offer the product at a discounted price due to the absence
of the Brick and Mortar retail store.

Due to all this, retail stores like Benjy have become only
the look and feel catering services for the customers and the online apps or
websites are the real shopping market. As per the Research shows that about 83%
of the people shopping for electronics and appliances were now practicing
showrooming and chain’s sales had nose-dived as a result where the most recent
quarterly loss was approximately $700 million.

Real question that lies is “If technology is
disrupting your business then what should you do?”


Retailers should always have a question of “Why are
they in the business, they are in?” so that they can have more clarity and a
way out of the situation they are in. Businesses that help customers in their
daily habits like Amazon did by developing the habit of its customers to browse
online and shop whereas coming to a store will be hectic and tiring. So how can
retail stores be a part of the customer’s daily habits? Here are few solutions
to the problem:

Going Omni channel for better customer experience: According to the Retail
Touchpoint, 60% believe that the retail channels like web, social media, mobile
and physical retail will be the norm for most stores. As today’s consumer is
Omni channel in nature which means retailers need to incorporate the online and
offline channels to have an integrated experience as the success of showrooming
has shown that both online and offline channels can work together to improve
and provide the better shopping experience.

Focusing of the Installation and Repairs: By providing consumers, the
free repair and installation services in the store that is not available online
will be benefit the consumers and will help in providing better consumer
experience. As for example if you buy a product online they provide you with
the instruction booklet which might be complicated for consumers whereas, when
it comes to Brick and Mortar retailers they can guide you with the set of
instructions which will make it easy for consumer to understand and use the

Design for Community centers or hubs: By establishing itself as a
community hub, you can have potential customers that it will be easy to get to,
will be pleasant for them to visit the store so that the customers can spend
maximum time in the store for shopping. Customer engagement will enhance. The friendly
atmosphere will help in reaping rewards that is why by providing the consumers
with comfortable coffee shopping works.