Brexit, a healthy relationship with business owners. My

Brexit, one of the most controversial votes in modern
history all stimulated by the hand of our recent Prime minister David Cameron.
Are the Conservatives right wing or are they just pandering to the right? This sparked
my interest into the realms of politics and making me want to further explore people’s
views and opinions.  

I have a strong interest in the world that I live in;
wanting to comprehend where political thoughts both mine and those of others originated
from; not just locally but internationally. So, I have a keen interest in
current affair programmes on the television and read articles and journals
online. However, I wish to explore further the reasons and effects of human
interactions. The study of politics provides explanations and predictions, as
well as more universal theories, which underlie human behaviour which links to
my psychology course, as well as offering insight into the validity of the
various political choices competing for our vote.

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Since I was born I have been travelling and living in
different countries expanding my cultural knowledge through various school
systems. I’ve worked with a plethora of diverse people trying to understand
their views and opinions of the world. Working at Oxfam through my Duke of
Edinburgh Award, opened my eyes to so many right, left and middle of the road
opinions to the political system. My Psychology course opened my mind to even
more how people think and act depending on their circumstance. Another subject
that relates to the wider picture is business. 
This makes me aware, hyper aware of how people act to provide a service
or product to make a profit benefitting the county and them. Furthermore
exploring how we keep them in the loop and what the government can do to have a
healthy relationship with business owners.  My EPQ project in on Brexit specifically, on
the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. How will the
border be affected by Brexit and how and it will influence the UK and Ireland?

In addition I have a deep interest in music. This is a huge
part of my life both when listening and playing. I’ve performed in many open
mics and gigs. Listening to music as well is also a very big influence in my
life; whether that is politically inspired, or heart felt ballads I love it
all. Apart from music I adore Aerospace. My father is in the business,  so I’m in the business. Mechanical knowhow,
spec and names of all aircraft interests me. Aerospace is a substantial
financial part of the UK and with Brexit around the corner it will be
interesting to see how much the business will flourish or suffer.  

By the end of my course I expect to be a more aware and a mature
person taking opportunities to further my experience. I will certainly take
advantage of all the various opportunities your university has to offer whether
that be sporting or debating society. I aspire to move into management and eventually
run a business of my own. Your course is ideal preparation for this career
because it will ingrain the knowledge and knowhow necessary for informed
decisions and keep a stern lip when negotiating deals, plus skills – such as
good communication and effective debating – needed to succeed in this
competitive line of work.